Is it too late to save the Great Barrier Reef?

This summer, the world's largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, suffered the worst mass bleaching outbreak ever witnessed.

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Scientists find hope for reefs battered by climate change: Bahamas coral that survive hot seas

The mountainous star coral off Great Harbour caught researchers attention after a searing 2015 bleaching event hit reefs across the islands. As water temperatures on Mermaid Reef soared above 91 degrees, the coral survived.


Algae transplant could protect coral reefs threatened by warming seas

Heat-resistant algae made in a lab seems to protect coral from bleaching. It could help to save reefs if we fail to tackle global warming fast enough.


What’s bad for bees could be bad for marine life, too

Preliminary research shows that a popular insecticide hampers arthropods in the ocean.


Some good news about coral reef conservation

Amidst all the bad news about coral reef bleaching, an international team has shed light on what conservation measures are working to preserve these fragile ecosystems while balancing various social and ecological needs.


Brightening clouds and coral larvae: Study picks best Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas

Brightening clouds with salt crystals and deploying slicks of coral larvae to try and limit the impacts of global heating on the Great Barrier Reef are among more than 40 concepts being backed by the Australian government in an ambitious $150m research and development program.


The coming ecosystem collapse is already here for coral

Conservationists are waging an expensive fight of diminishing returns to save reefs and those who depend on them.

Hey gamers, NASA has a mission for you

NASA's calling on gamers to help map the world's coral reefs.


Coronavirus limits efforts to repair Great Barrier Reef after most widespread bleaching event ever

The Great Barrier Reef is seeing the most widespread mass bleaching ever, threatening more coral life than similar events in 2016 and 2017.


Great Barrier Reef bleaching: Climate change tragedy for world natural wonder

Human-caused climate change is causing an "utter tragedy" to one of the world's largest coral reef systems, according to Australian researchers.


Great Barrier Reef is bleaching again. It’s getting more widespread

New data shows example after example of overheating and damage along the 1,500-mile natural wonder.

Climate crisis may have pushed world's tropical coral reefs to tipping point of 'near-annual' bleaching

Mass bleaching seen along Great Barrier Reef could mark start of global-scale event, expert warns.


Australia’s record heat means another blow to Great Barrier Reef

For the third time in five years, abnormally warm water has caused a "mass bleaching" of coral, and some of it will not survive. Scientists say global warming is killing reefs worldwide.


Dominican Republic: Saving coral reefs from tourism, climate change and overfishing

An estimated 90% of the nation's coral reefs have been destroyed, creating a knock-on effect for the entire coastal ecosystem. Local businesses and conservationists are now working to reverse this damage.

Israeli, Arab, int’l scientists call for action to save Red Sea corals

The time to save the Red Sea corals is now, and the opportunity offered is unique: preserving a reef that, contrary to those in other parts of the world, has proven to be incredibly resistant to the rise of ocean temperatures.

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