Asbestos, a toxic mineral linked to cancer, was found in eye shadow and a children's makeup kit

Researchers tested common powder-based cosmetics and found that several contained traces of asbestos, a dangerous cancer-causing mineral.

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Toxic PFAS chemicals discovered in hundreds of products

Climbing ropes, guitar strings, and hand sanitizer are among the newly reported uses for the toxic “forever” chemicals.

Rape, abuses in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands

With his hand clamped tightly over her mouth, she could not scream, the 16-year-old girl recalls – and no one was around to hear her anyway.


Why a COVID-19 vaccine could further imperil deep-sea sharks

Shark liver oil helps make vaccines more effective, but increased demand for the substance could harm critically endangered species.

What is waterless beauty? Everything you need to know

Thanks to the rise of clean beauty, people are looking for healthier, more sustainable alternatives when it comes to cosmetics. Here, we investigate the impact that water-filled products can have on the environment, and why going water-free might be the eco-friendly change we all need to make.


Sunscreen Chemicals Accumulate in Body at High Levels - WSJ

For the second time in less than a year, a study of common sunscreen ingredients has established that the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream at concentrations far greater than the Food and Drug Administration’s safety threshold.

Scientists say “forever chemicals” should be managed as a chemical class

The proposal is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of efforts to reduce the chemicals' harm to human health and the environment.


Household chemicals that harm fish were found in Susquehanna River. This research aims to help

Lead scientist Katie Hayden plans to publish recommendations for products people can use that don't have the harmful chemicals, which are called endocrine-disrupting compounds.


Chemicals found in household plastics linked to premature birth risk

Chemicals in plastic have been linked to premature birth risk. But New Zealand expert says it's not quite time to go plastic-free.

How companies are getting 1,4-dioxane out of home and personal care products

Chemical makers, cleaning product firms, and cosmetics makers are all scrambling to meet new limits on the impurity.


US trade deal ‘could flood Britain with toxic cosmetics’

More than 1,300 toxic ingredients have been banned from use in cosmetics in the UK, with restrictions on a further 500 ingredients. In comparison, only 11 are banned in the US.


Meet the sulfur miners risking their lives inside a volcano

Mt. Ijen, on the island of Java, is one of the most dangerous workplaces on Earth.

'Forever chemical' found in half of all cosmetics could kill seals and dolphins

A 'forever chemical' found in half of all cosmetics could kill seals and dolphins, the Marine Conservation Society has said as it calls for a ban.


Did you know that your hand lotions, cosmetics and detergents could be creating as much air pollution as your car?

You may not have heard of Volatile Organic Compounds but it's likely that your lungs are infinitely familiar with them.

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Climate change, chaos, and cannibalism

Forty eight years ago, a sci-fi thriller predicted a future with all three—in the year 2022.

U.S. Steel abandons clean tech plans in Pittsburgh region following damning health study

The company scraps planned Pennsylvania investments and will instead shut down three polluting batteries in 2023. The announcement comes a week after a study shows lower lung function in people living near its Pittsburgh-region facility.

LISTEN: The allure of regenerative agriculture

"Every being is the full expression of themselves."

Fertility & Environmental Justice: A conversation with Shanna Swan and Annie Hoang

"These toxics chemicals are affecting you—not just the polar bears, the insects, and the birds."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

EHN talked to marine disease experts about the role of increasing ocean protection in combating rising disease rates.

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