Coronavirus debt crisis undermines climate change finance

At a global summit, pressure grows for debt relief to help the green recovery.
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The bike shop on wheels traveling the Navajo Nation

Photographer Shaun Price captures images of a project to build a mobile bike repair center during COVID-19.


Brazil, South Africa, U.K. COVID variants: What you need to know

The U.K., South Africa and Brazil variants are highly transmissible and have sparked concerns that vaccines may be less effective against them.

As COVID-19 ups the stakes, advocates say prison food needs an overhaul

A new report shines a light on the low-quality food served to 2.3 million people behind bars in the U.S. Healthier food is possible—and on the agenda in some prisons.

With fewer resources, rural America tackles vaccine distribution

Rural clinics face unique challenges in connecting perishable vaccines with residents who often live miles away.

Nicole Chatterson: 5 ways we can move away from single-use plastics

The pandemic is putting even more plastic into our oceans. But we can change that.

Los Angeles lifts air-quality limits for cremations as Covid doubles death rate

Environmental regulators alter rules as 2,700 bodies are stored at hospitals and coroner's office.


Trump administration told a health department to leave Rochelle Foods alone. Then a second COVID-outbreak struck

A May 1 conference call with federal, state and local health officials sent one message: Despite a COVID-19 outbreak amongst it workers, Rochelle Foods was to remain open. This fall, a second outbreak at the plant wasn't publicly reported.


Biden rolls out members of science team

President-elect Joe Biden will roll out members of his science team Saturday as he looks to fill his administration and tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Anti-vaccine doctor joined attack on Capitol

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of the disinformation group, America’s Frontline Doctors, specializes in anti-scientific propaganda.

Two members of W.H.O. team seeking to trace virus denied entry to China

Beijing has repeatedly impeded the global inquiry into the emergence of the coronavirus. Two scientists on the team remained in Singapore after testing positive for antibodies.

Tigers stalk as storms, poverty force Indians deep into mangrove forests

On a warm November afternoon, Parul Haldar balanced precariously on the bow of a small wooden dinghy, pulling in a long net flecked with fish from the swirling brown river.

COVID-19 deaths go uninvestigated as OSHA takes a hands-off approach to meatpacking plants

For workers in the meatpacking industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the system of swift reporting and next-day inspections that should protect them has broken down.


Uganda: Turning trash into COVID masks for the hearing-impaired

When entrepreneur Juliet Namujju realized COVID masks were preventing her hearing-impaired staff from lip-reading, she resolved to find another enterprising use for Uganda's mountains of plastic waste.
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LISTEN: Brianna VanNoy’s plan to integrate medicine and health justice

Research participants "mean more than just the data points we collect. They are people with real stories."

A big green turnaround

As the US government flips, a few random looks back, and a peek ahead.

Op-ed: Could paint be harming your health?

An endocrine-disrupting chemical lurks in paint – but safer options are available.

Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy

Researchers say "proforestation" policies are the fastest and most effective way to draw excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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