Upgrading the Androscoggin River under a new bill sparks debate, pushback from businesses

Environmentalists and recreationalists support the idea. Businesses that use it as a way to get rid of waste do not.

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WATCH: River dams have decimated the chinook salmon population

Lostine, the new short film from Shane Anderson and the nonprofit Pacific Rivers, highlights the powerful story of collaboration between the Nez Perce Tribe and Woody Wolfe, a sixth-generation rancher in Wallowa, Oregon.


Endangered US rivers at grave risk from dams, mining and global heating

Every year American Rivers ranks the country's 10 most endangered rivers to highlight where imminent threats to human health, safety and survival could be resolved through decisive political, business and community measures.


Many states use outdated rainfall predictions when designing roads, bridges and dams

Lack of a current, national rainfall database means some states are using outdated data - some as much as 60 years old - as they design new roads, bridges and dams. That's a dangerous problem as the climate changes.


Our last, best chance to save Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon are perilously close to extinction in the United States. Taking down a few dams could go a long way to aiding their recovery, experts say.

California's drought is back, but nobody wants to hear it from Newsom

"I think the governor's in a very tricky situation," said Darry Sragow, a longtime California Democratic strategist.

Slow recovery: Repeated floods and storms strain East Kentucky's aging infrastructure

Two floods in less than two years, plus a crippling ice storm laid bare the weaknesses in rural east Kentucky's aging infrastructure system.

Deadly floods in India point to a looming climate emergency in the Himalayas

A massive surge of rock, debris, and icy water killed more than 50 people in Uttarakhand this month. Nearly 150 others are still missing.

Earthquakes and climate change threaten California dams

While earthquakes still loom as the greatest threat to California's massive collection of dams, experts warn that these aging structures will be challenged further by a new and emerging hazard: "whiplashing shifts" in extreme weather due to climate change.


Before Himalayan flood, India ignored warnings of development risks

Long before a deadly flood hit two hydroelectric dams, scientists warned repeatedly that such projects were dangerous in a fragile region made more so by global warming.

Republican wants to breach dams, reshape Pacific Northwest

Idaho GOP Rep. Mike Simpson has proposed a sweeping $33.5 billion plan to save the Pacific Northwest's iconic salmon that includes breaching four of the most controversial dams in the country.

Rubbish-covered lake brings to light Balkans waste problem

Serbia and other Balkan nations are overwhelmed by communal waste after decades of neglect and lack of efficient waste-management policies in the countries aspiring to join the European Union.


Can the Bay region dredge its way out of Conowingo Dam problem?

More pollution has been sweeping past the Conowingo Dam since its reservoir filled with sediment a decade ago, allowing millions of pounds of nutrient pollution to wash downstream to the Chesapeake Bay and creating a costly cleanup problem.


Enormous pigeon-eating catfish wreaking havoc on Europe’s ecosystems

The continent’s largest freshwater fish, native to Eastern Europe, is an invasive species that threatens native fish already in decline.

More than 1 million barriers are blocking Europe's rivers

Scientists said the artificial structures threaten some of the world's most diverse ecosystems.

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The draw—and deadlines—of American denial

From vaccines to elections to climate change, denial is doing lasting damage to the country.

What do politicians have to say about 'Fractured?'

Here are the responses we've gotten so far from politicians about our study that found Pennsylvania families living near fracking wells are being exposed to high levels of harmful industrial chemicals.

Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change

Tucson's ambitious tree planting goal aims to improve the health of residents, wildlife, and the watershed.

“Allow suffering to speak:” Treating the oppressive roots of illness

By connecting the dots between medical symptoms and patterns of injustice, we move from simply managing suffering to delivering a lasting cure.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Living near fracking wells is linked to higher rate of heart attacks: Study

Middle-aged men in Pennsylvania's fracking counties die from heart attacks at a rate 5% greater than their counterparts in New York where fracking is banned.

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