Idaho DEQ starts monitoring ozone pollution in Pocatello

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality's Pocatello Office has added ozone to the list of air pollutants it's monitoring locally.
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DEQ rejects Chemours corrective action plan

Chemours said the plan would reduce PFAS loading into the Cape Fear River by at least 75 percent. But DEQ said the the plan is “clearly deficient."

Under-sink water filters best at removing pollutants

A new study finds that under-the-sink reverse osmosis systems work best at removing “forever chemicals,” but they aren’t cheap.

New DEQ data shows ‘staggering’ levels of PFAS in Cape Fear River basin

The DEQ required 25 utilities in the basin, including in Fayetteville, to test for 'forever chemicals' at their sewer treatment plants for three months. One scientist called the results of those tests 'incredibly high.'


Data show 'staggering' levels of PFAS pollution in Cape Fear

The DEQ required 25 utilities in the basin to test for PFAS at their sewer treatment plants for three months. The results were “incredibly high.”

Louisiana's DEQ saw among largest cuts to state environmental agencies over past 10 years

In a 10-year period marked by a dramatic increase in newly built and planned petrochemical plants, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has seen its budget slashed by nearly 35 percent and its staff cut by almost 30 percent.


PacifiCorp, DEQ pick less power over clean-coal technology

PacifiCorp has chosen to throttle down production at the coal-fired Jim Bridger Plant rather than install expensive clean-coal technology there, and Wyoming regulators are now backing the plan.


DEP accused of ‘foot-dragging’ on 2-year-old request to regulate PFAS chemical

An environmental group asked a Pennsylvania appeals court to order the Department of Environmental Protection to complete its review of a petition to set a health limit for a toxic PFAS chemical.


North Toe River pollution: A year later, NC DEQ permits up for review

Not quite a year after a mineral processing plant illegally discharged hundreds of gallons of hydrofluoric acid into the North Toe River causing a fish kill, the facility, with five other facilities on the river, are up for discharge permit renewals from the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality.


Duke offers another plan for Belews Creek coal ash

The so-called "hybrid" proposal is likely to win few friends among environmentalists who want to see all of the Belews Creek plant's 12 million tons of coal ash dug out of the basin and reburied in a lined landfill.


Key DEQ Flint water switch official makes a plea deal

A plea deal is being finalized for Liane Shekter-Smith, the former state environmental official responsible for overseeing Flint’s water switch.

EPA vetoes increase in oil and gas pollution in Badwater Creek, but questions remain

Federal regulators have nixed Wyoming’s plan to accommodate expected growth in the oil and gas industry by increasing pollution limits in a 20-mile stream that flows into the Boysen Reservoir.

MDEQ to launch drone over Lake Margrethe to help search for PFAS

The DEQ will fly the drone over Lake Margrethe near Camp Grayling to locate springs that could be carrying PFAS contamination from past firefighting activities.

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Resumption of normal life in the United States under a herd immunity approach would result in an enormous death toll by all estimates.

My urban nature gem

Thanks to the Clean Water Act and one relentless activist, Georgia's South River may finally stop stinking.

Dust from your old furniture likely contains harmful chemicals—but there’s a solution

Researchers find people's exposure to PFAS and certain flame retardants could be significantly reduced by opting for healthier building materials and furniture.

Hormone-mimicking chemicals harm fish now—and their unexposed offspring later

Fish exposed to harmful contaminants can pass on health issues such as reproductive problems to future generations that had no direct exposure.

How Europe’s wood pellet appetite worsens environmental racism in the US South

An expanding wood pellet market in the Southeast has fallen short of climate and job goals—instead bringing air pollution, noise and reduced biodiversity in majority Black communities.

America re-discovers anti-science in its midst

Fauci, Birx, Redfield & Co. are in the middle of a political food fight. They could learn a lot from environmental scientists.

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