Detroit families still without clean water despite shutoffs being lifted

Families say city has not made them aware water is back on, after thousands of homes were shut off under widely criticized debt-collection plan
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In the shadows of America’s smokestacks, virus is one More deadly risk

Nationwide, poor communities are exposed to much more air pollution than wealthier ones. Scientists are racing to understand what role this may play in Covid-19.

Connecting the dots between environmental injustice and coronavirus

Scientist Sacoby Wilson has long focused on health issues related to environmental injustice. In an e360 interview, he discusses how social and environmental inequality have contributed to the outsized impact of COVID-19.


John Hans Gilderbloom, Gregory D. Squires: When pollution and poverty meet coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 into communities long suffering from environmental inequities could spell disaster for local residents, like in Louisville, Kentucky.


From rust to resilience: What climate change means for Great Lakes cities

Even as Great Lakes cities cope with economic turbulence, climate change brings new challenges and opportunities.


Pandemic shines a light on critical water issues — will Congress fund solutions?

Clean water is essential during the COVID-19 health crisis, but so far Congress hasn’t directed funds to help water utilities or stop water shutoffs in low-income households.

Pollution hotspots home to people of color hit hardest by coronavirus

Polluted neighbourhoods in cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Newark, Detroit, and the Navajo Nation are among the country's worst virus hot-spots, a Guardian analysis found.


Black Americans face alarming rates of coronavirus infection in some states

Data on race and the coronavirus is too limited to draw sweeping conclusions, experts say, but disparate rates of sickness — and death — have emerged in some places.

Michigan advisory panel members: halt water shutoffs amid COVID-19 spread

The panel borne out of Flint water crisis hopes to stop a new public-health disaster.


Environmental groups urge water protection law for Detroit

A new ordinance is aiming to address "gaps and failures" in the controls for companies operating along the Detroit River after a dock collapsed in November at an unlicensed site, sending potential harmful contaminants into the waterway.


Michigan: State rep wants to end toxic materials on Detroit's east side

State Rep. Isaac Robinson wants to stop what he calls environmental injustice by demanding an investigation into potentially contaminated sites and abandoned property near the Detroit and Hamtramck border.


Struggling to breathe in 48217, Michigan’s most toxic ZIP code

This is the first in a series of stories exploring environmental racism in Michigan. Carmen Garrison avoids the outdoors because she's certain the air is poisoning her.


The blackest city in the US is facing an environmental justice nightmare

Detroit’s most vulnerable residents face inequalities like toxic air, lead poisoning, and water shutoffs. Now they’re fighting back

Struggling to breathe in 48217, Michigan’s most toxic ZIP code

This is the first in a series of stories exploring environmental racism in Michigan.

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