Do fuels made from plastic make eco sense?

Several companies have come up with pilot plants to convert plastic waste into crude oil, diesel or other fuels. It is sold as a way to get rid of trash and help the environment. But is it?
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Scrap Taltson expansion plan, says climate change study

Expanding the Taltson hydro system is like buying a new truck with a snow plow to dowse a fire, a study says.


Mexico City smog defies coronavirus lockdown

While other cities have seen a marked improvement in air, the Mexican capital remains clouded in a thick haze.


Whitehorse pilot project will cut reliance on fossil fuels for heating

Electric thermal storage units help smooth out peaks in demand, reducing the need for diesel and LNG generators.


Pollution regulators deny petition to crack down on Oregon’s non-road diesel emissions

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission denied a petition Wednesday that would have regulated non-road diesel emissions as multiple programs are already working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Judge hits Diesel Brothers with $848,000 in penalties for air pollution violations

The Diesel Brothers reality TV stars must pay $848,000 for modifying, marketing and selling pickup trucks with emission control defeat devices installed, a judge has ruled.


Editorial: Americans can afford a few extra pennies on their Nikes to clean up ‘diesel death zones’

Shoppers can surely afford a couple extra pennies on imported goods to help clean up diesel death zones and fight climate change.


Fifty years after the fuel spill, US Army Corps of Engineers plans to clean up contamination on the Chilkat River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking input on its plan to clean up a half century old fuel spill that's polluting soil and water on the Chilkat River near Haines, Alaska.


Canada sets new speed limits on trains carrying dangerous goods

Canada on Sunday announced new measures on trains hauling dangerous goods like diesel, gasoline and chemicals, effective immediately.


Sale of petrol and diesel to be banned five years earlier, as Boris Johnson reveals climate change drive 

The Government announced in 2017 that it would impose a ban on diesel and petrol cars from 2040 as part of an effort to tackle air pollution. However the Prime Minister is said to be speeding up the plans with a view to implementing the ban by 2035.


Diseases, allergies stalk residents of Jharia

Experts say Jharia's air has high levels of nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide emitted by diesel trucks that move around the city daily carrying coal.


Making yellow school buses a little more green

Some school districts are replacing diesel buses with electric models to benefit students and the environment. But the change is expensive so utilities like Dominion Energy are helping offset the cost.

Bill McKibben: Citing climate change, BlackRock will start moving away from fossil fuels

In response to mounting public pressure, the investment company has begun knuckling under to reality.
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Fracking linked to rare birth defect in horses: Study

The implications for human health are "worrisome," say researchers.

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Reevaluating fish consumption advisories during the COVID-19 pandemic: Analysis

Our current crisis reaffirms the importance of weighing the health benefits of eating fish against chemical exposure risks.

PFAS-free firefighting foams: Are they safer?

A small-scale certification effort could offer a path forward.

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An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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