Is Puerto Rico about to give another terrible energy contract to an American company?

Prepa, the island’s electric power company, and FEMA have found themselves embroiled in scandal before.
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Plunging solar energy prices spell bright future for clean electricity

Solar energy has fallen in cost faster than experts predicted. How did electricity from photovoltaic panels get so cheap?

Seth Mullendore: It’s time to shut down polluting urban power plants

The link between pollution and coronavirus mortality rates makes it even more clear why we must shut down peaker power plants.

COVID-19 is changing the face of the energy business

Even once the world picks up again, the basics of the energy business will reflect the legacy of the 2020 pandemic.

Enrique Dans: In a post-pandemic world, renewable energy is the only way forward

A post-pandemic economic reconstruction based on restructuring the energy map makes sense. We know we have to do it, and we know the reason we haven't done it so far is because it challenges the interests of a powerful few.

Modeling for carbon pollution reduction proposal shows 180M ton reduction in C02

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection found it would reduce carbon emissions by 180 million tons, cause a 3 percent increase in the wholesale price of electricity, and, with or without the program, coal use will decline sharply.


The trash that fuels Oahu’s power plant is vanishing as fast as the tourists

That could prove costly for the city, which must send tons of trash to the H-Power facility or face financial penalties.

COVID-19: Changing work habits increase home hydro use, reduce pollution in BC

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has radically reshaped British Columbians' work days, energy use, and even the air we breath.

Yes, electric cars are cleaner, even when the power comes from coal

One argument against electric vehicles made by those that wish to cling to the certainties of the internal combustion engine is that we need to decarbonise the power system first otherwise cars are no cleaner than if they use gasoline.

Coronavirus and the U.S. grid: What to know

Operators of the nation's electric grid and energy companies are girding for the spread of a virus that is undercutting power demand in countries across Asia and Europe as daily activities grind to a halt.

CO2 emission by power sector falls 2% in 2019

Carbon dioxide emission by the power sector reduced 2% globally following a 3% fall in coal-fired power generation, Ember, an independent climate think-tank accelerating the global electricity transition has estimated.

Federal power plant in Tennessee looking to dump coal ash on SC

Don't dump more coal ash in South Carolina, state legislators are telling the federal government, and are adding a cost for it.


When it comes to nuclear power, could smaller be better?

Proponents say small-scale nuclear reactors are safer, cheaper, and more compatible with renewables than traditional nuclear power.

Denmark took a mountain of trash and made a ski hill

Renowned architect Bjarke Ingels has crafted an epic synthetic slope on top of a massive waste-to-energy plant.

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Editorial: Bicycling is having a moment—let’s use it to make riding more safe and inclusive

As we celebrate a World Bicycle Day like no other, can the U.S. keep the momentum and attention the coronavirus pandemic has brought to bicycling?

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Climate change creates camouflage confusion in winter-adapted wildlife

Twenty-one species molt from brown to white to survive the winter season. But climate change has created a mismatch between their snowy camouflage and surroundings.

They blinded us with SCIENCE!

From climate change to COVID-19, even the clearest warnings from scientists can misfire with millions of Americans. Pop culture may be a big reason why.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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