Major COVID-related emissions drop still ‘no cause for cheer’

Greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. fell 18% below last year's level in the three months ending June 15, reflecting an economy sharply hobbled by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report by research firm Rhodium Group.

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House passes bill to require legislative approval for emissions tax

Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled House of Representatives moved to ensure that it can block Gov. Tom Wolf from imposing a price on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants as part of a multi-state effort, although the bill is destined for a veto.


There’s no quick fix for climate change

It could take decades before cuts to greenhouse gases actually affect global temperatures, according to a new study.


This Chinese megacity is building a massive car-free district

The breakneck speed of China's economic and urban growth has gone hand in hand with some of the worst traffic congestion anywhere in the world. But in one city, a new development promises a glimpse of what a car-free future might look like.


Competition challenges young farmers to share their ideas for achieving net zero emissions

The United Kingdom's National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is launching a new challenge, supported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to encourage positive climate change action by asking young farmers to share their solutions for reaching net zero emissions by 2040.


A new normal: Will you stop flying?

Has the pandemic affected your thoughts about the way you will travel for leisure and work in the future? Would you consider giving up flying to offset your carbon footprint?


Iowa cities and towns invest in renewable energy

Many cities and towns are investing in renewable energy, and climate change is not the only motivation.


Meat and dairy production emit more nitrogen than Earth can cope with

The amount of nitrogen pollution emitted just by global livestock farming is more than the planet can cope with, prompting scientists to say we need to eat less meat and dairy produce.


Huge acceleration of clean energy innovation needed to meet net zero target: IEA

A global goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 will not be met without a huge acceleration in clean energy innovation, the International Energy Agency says.


Airlines' climate obligations postponed as UN body endorses industry proposal

Airlines have wriggled out of their climate obligations over the next few years, after a handful of countries bowed to industry pressure to weaken the sector's climate deal.


Climate fund targets $2.5 billion in clean energy investment for SE Asia

A new climate fund backed by philanthropic donors is aiming to trigger $2.5 billion of clean energy investment in Southeast Asia and aid the region's green recovery after the coronavirus.


California shakes up auto industry, says all vans and trucks must be electric by 2024

California shakes up auto industry, says all vans and trucks must be electric by 2024

Dr. Akash Goel, Dr. Philip Landrigan: The EPA's emissions rollbacks will be devastating for Americans' health

This administration is ignoring medical science, undermining preparedness and politicizing the methodology that underpins public policy.

Despite green pledges, Amazon’s carbon footprint grew 15%

Amazon said Tuesday that its carbon footprint rose 15% last year, even as it launched initiatives to reduce its harm on the environment.

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