How joining a climate program could save Western Pennsylvania kids’ lives and lungs

As Pennsylvania moves to join a regional greenhouse gas initiative, experts say it will also reduce toxics, foster healthier kids, and save the state billions. But GOP policymakers and industry groups remain opposed.

PITTSBURGH—Last month, Pennsylvania took a major step toward joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that limits climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

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Spurred by pandemic, Barcelona backs greener, car-free future

Barcelona has reclaimed around eight hectares of the cityscape from motor vehicles, transforming it into sidewalks, playgrounds, bike lanes or restaurant terraces

Net zero targets 'unrealistic' says Oxfam report

Oxfam says governments and companies are "hiding behind unreliable, unproven and unrealistic carbon removal schemes" in order to hit targets.

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Boris Johnson ‘missing in action’ ahead of vital climate talks, says Keir Starmer

Vital UN climate talks are at risk of failure because Boris Johnson is "missing in action" while his climate spokesperson talks about freezing bread, Keir Starmer has warned.

Despite one big dissent, Minnesota utilities approve of coal plant sale. But obstacles remain

A plan to sell, rather than close, the largest power plant in North Dakota has received approval from the boards of cooperative utilities across rural and suburban Minnesota.

World should focus on delivering commitments instead of setting new goals, China’s top envoy says

The world should focus on delivering decarbonisation promises and engage in international technological cooperation, rather than arguing over agreed upon goals, according to Xie Zhenhua, China's climate change envoy.

Report: 'Clean closure' of coal ash ponds creates more jobs, boosts local economies

Fully removing coal ash near coal plants creates more jobs and boosts local economies better than leaving the ash in place. That’s according to a new report by the nonprofit environmental group Earthjustice.

Federal stimulus could boost New Mexico renewable energy, study says

Renewable energy sectors could bring a multi-billion-dollar boost to New Mexico's economy along with thousands of jobs, per a recent study, if supported by federal stimulus money.

Biden administration orders new review of drilling in Arctic

The Biden administration will undertake a new environmental review of potential oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska after citing what it called serious flaws in the initial review during the Trump presidency.


Why it's so hard and expensive to plug an abandoned well

An estimated 2 million abandoned oil and gas wells across the country, forgotten or ignored by the energy companies that drilled them, are believed to be leaking toxic chemicals. Many of the wells are releasing methane, a greenhouse gas containing about 86 times the climate-warming power of carbon dioxide over two decades.

Renewables overtake coal, but natural gas still dominates U.S. power generation

Wind remains the dominant source of renewable energy in the U.S., and grew 14% in 2020.

Climate crisis: Siberian heatwave led to new methane emissions, study says

The Siberian heatwave of 2020 led to new methane emissions from the permafrost, according to research. Emissions of the potent greenhouse gas are currently small, the scientists said, but further research is urgently needed.


U.S. Senate pushes ahead with $1 trillion bipartisan ...

The U.S. Senate will try to complete work this week on a $1 trillion infrastructure investment bill that would bring long-awaited improvements to roads, bridges and mass-transit systems and deliver a rare bipartisan victory to President Joe Biden.

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