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Flint families welcome water crisis charges, seek healing

"I literally could have cried," said Ariana Hawk after learning Tuesday that former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and others in his administration were expected to be charged in the water crisis.

Oil and gas industry fights new regulations in Ventura County

The county’s efforts to enact environmental safety measures are being met with fierce resistance.

River dredging near Chernobyl risks radioactive water contamination

Eight million people in Ukraine are in danger of drinking contaminated water due to the construction of an inland shipping route.

City working to fix problems with air pollution enforcement, watchdog says

Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson previously called out the failure to protect public health in a 2019 report.

Pennsylvania: 38 environmental groups urge DEP to deny PennEast pipeline permits

Environmental groups, along with 437 other individuals, signed a letter urging the Department of Environmental Protection to deny the environmental permits for the PennEast Pipeline Project.

EPA: Wheeler unveils final rule to limit agency's use of science

The Trump administration, during its last days in power, fired another shot in its war on regulations and science-based policies, rewriting the rules on the use of scientific research at EPA.

The Clean Air Act has saved millions of lives and trillions of dollars

The U.S. Clean Air Act turns 50 on December 31. America's dramatically cleaner skies are evidence of what legislation and innovation can do.

Study: PA heart failure patients near fracking were more likely to be hospitalized

Researchers don’t know what part of fracking could be causing the problem. A cardiologist said that’s important to find out, given the significant role fracking plays in Pennsylvania’s economy.

From Alaska to Florida, harmful PFAS compounds pollute water at multiple sites in every state

Wherever you are in the U.S., there's a good chance you can find harmful PFAS compounds in water near you.

Andrew J. Whelton, Amisha Shah, Kristofer P. Isaacson: Plastic pipes are polluting drinking water systems after wildfires – it's a risk in urban fires, too

A new study shows how toxic chemicals like benzene are leaching into water systems after nearby fires. The pipes don't have to burn – they just have to heat up.

Climate change will be a 'big' 2021 focus in ESG

Climate change will be one of the top trends to watch in the environmental, social and governance investing sphere.

Off-target pesticide service douses neighboring properties, people

Alpine Helicopter Service has been implicated in dozens of complaints of pesticides landing on the wrong targets. Now, California is suing.
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LISTEN: Brianna VanNoy’s plan to integrate medicine and health justice

Research participants "mean more than just the data points we collect. They are people with real stories."

A big green turnaround

As the US government flips, a few random looks back, and a peek ahead.

Op-ed: Could paint be harming your health?

An endocrine-disrupting chemical lurks in paint – but safer options are available.

Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy

Researchers say "proforestation" policies are the fastest and most effective way to draw excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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