PPG Industries reaches $5 million settlement with Jersey City homeowners over chromium contamination

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, PPG Industries would pay out $5 million to certain Jersey City property owners in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood.
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More traces of cancer-causing PFAS in Arctic raise alarm over global spread

Scientists are still grappling with the complex puzzle of how these toxic chemicals are moving through the environment.

In Montana, stream access is on the ballot

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for governor, threatens the state's unique angler-access regulations.


EPA allows use of radioactive material in some road construction

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved for use in government road construction projects a substance that has been regulated due to radioactivity. 

Canada’s last breeding pair of endangered spotted owls found in valley slated for imminent logging

The federal government is legally obliged to respond to an Ecojustice petition calling for an emergency order to stop logging in the Spuzzum Valley, where two endangered chicks hatched this year.


Pandemic spurs illegal gold rush in Zimbabwe mountains

Communities in the Chimanimani Mountains say miners are poisoning their water, digging up rivers and cutting into caves.


Indian activists oppose plans to make Goa a coal transport hub

Locals and activists have been protesting against expansion of a highway, railway and power transmission network, saying they cut through ecologically sensitive areas.


In Bolivia, more than 25% of major fires this year burned in protected areas

More than 120 major fires have been detected in Bolivia since August, more than a quarter of them in protected areas, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Exide may be allowed to abandon toxic battery recycling plant and massive cleanup bill

Under the bankruptcy plan Exide could leave state taxpayers with the bill for California's largest environmental cleanup, which already stands at more than $270 million.


Can Canada stymie the Trump administration’s plan to open an Arctic refuge to oil drilling?

A recent U.S. decision opens the remote wilderness to industrial development. Here's how Canadians looking to protect Indigenous rights and a threatened caribou herd could hamper those plans.


B.C. gives Pacific BioEnergy green light to log rare inland rainforest for wood pellets

Prince George plant will grind ancient cedar and hemlock into pellets to be burned for fuel overseas, destroying forest that's home to endangered caribou and vast stores of carbon.


'Poisoning the Pacific': New book details US military contamination of islands and ocean

More than 12,000 pages of US documents show military operations contaminating the Pacific with radioactive waste, nerve agents, and chemical weapons like Agent Orange.


Aging Ajax mine leaching arsenic, selenium into creek near Kamloops, B.C.

A lack of monitoring of contamination in Peterson Creek demonstrates the province's need for mining reform and 'polluter pays' rules, critics say.


More than 470 oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon since 2000: Report

The work of Peru's Indigenous environmental monitors, whom proponents credit with accurately recording instances of spills that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, is still not formally recognized by the government.


Fires raze nearly half of Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Pantanal

Indigenous people say the fires “came from outside” and “destroyed everything,” including the food and medicinal plants that form an important part of their culture.
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Hormone-mimicking chemicals harm fish now—and their unexposed offspring later

Fish exposed to harmful contaminants can pass on health issues such as reproductive problems to future generations that had no direct exposure.

America re-discovers anti-science in its midst

Fauci, Birx, Redfield & Co. are in the middle of a political food fight. They could learn a lot from environmental scientists.

Roadmap points Europe toward safer, sustainable chemicals

EU Commission releases ambitious strategy for getting hormone-disrupting chemicals out of food, products, and packaging.

Exempt from inspection: States ignore lead-contaminated meat in food banks

Hunter-donated meat provides crucial protein to US food banks. But an EHN investigation found a lack of oversight that could result in potentially hundreds of thousands of lead-contaminated meals this year.

How Europe’s wood pellet appetite worsens environmental racism in the US South

An expanding wood pellet market in the Southeast has fallen short of climate and job goals—instead bringing air pollution, noise and reduced biodiversity in majority Black communities.

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