Brazilian taxpayers subsidizing Amazon-clearing cattle ranches, study shows

A new study shows taxpayer money is helping to prop up the beef industry in Brazil, one of the primary drivers of deforestation in the country.

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Brazil minister advises using COVID-19 to distract from Amazon deregulation

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles was videoed saying they should "run the cattle herd" through the Amazon.

Limits on gatherings make it a 'great time to be building a pipeline,' says Alberta energy minister

Alberta's energy minister says it's a good time to build a pipeline because public health restrictions limit protests against them.

Alberta’s new normal: Trashing pollution protections

By some strange contagious logic, regulators kill public safeguards and blame the virus.

Alberta picked up $8 million tab for land rent left unpaid by oil and gas companies in 2019

Data obtained via a freedom of information request shows taxpayers are footing the bill for delinquent companies' payments to private landowners.

Up in smoke: B.C. backtracks on promise to deter logging industry from burning wood waste

Nearly three years ago the province promised to rein in the air pollution from slash-pile burning by introducing a plan that has yet to materialize.

Locals stage latest fight against Papua New Guinea mine dumping waste into sea

A coalition of more than 5,000 villagers and a provincial government has built a legal challenge against the world's most productive battery nickel plant.

WWF: Rainforest deforestation more than doubled under cover of coronavirus

Criminal groups are taking advantage of the pandemic and the unemployed are getting desperate, the WWF said.


South Africa’s abalone black market is being squeezed by COVID-19

The pandemic has temporarily collapsed the price of illegal abalone. But when the market returns, poaching is likely to get even worse.


Calls for end to business with paper giant APP over Sumatra land disputes

Tensions flare after allegations that an APP subsidiary used a drone to spray herbicide on farms belonging to a community with which it's locked in a land dispute.

Alberta Energy Regulator suspends environment monitoring for oilpatch over COVID

Recent environmental monitoring exemptions for the oilsands have been broadened to include Alberta's entire energy industry.

Alberta to ease restrictions on foothills coal mining

The Alberta government is changing its coal policies in a move it says is intended to make it easier to develop open-pit mines.

Bill to kill coastal parish lawsuits against oil and gas companies advances to Louisiana Senate

Lawsuits filed by seven coastal parishes against oil and gas companies remained on the chopping block Tuesday.

Trump orders agencies to cut regulations that 'inhibit economic recovery'

An executive order signed by President Trump Tuesday directs agencies to consider what sort of deregulatory action they might take that could spur economic growth.
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