US lets corporations delay paying environmental fines amid pandemic

Ten corporations that agreed to a total of $56m in civil penalties for allegedly breaking environmental laws are not being required to make payments under a pause granted by the US government during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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EPA’s ‘secret science’ rule meets with an outpouring of protest on last day for public comment

Among those opposing the proposed rule were nearly 40 top scientific organizations and academic institutions which jointly submitted a letter to the agency.

Climate change is a ‘death by a thousand cuts'

Earth Day may have come and gone last month with relatively little fanfare, thanks to the statewide stay-at-home order banning public gatherings. But Nevada is still making progress toward the green goals set by lawmakers last year.


Greens urge Joe Biden to ditch adviser Larry Summers

Climate activists and other liberal groups are demanding that Joe Biden sever ties with informal campaign adviser Larry Summers, a deregulatory figure of the Clinton and Obama administrations whom they view as an obstacle to progressive reform.

EPA: D.C. Circuit hands down 'resounding win for science'

Former EPA science experts and nonprofit groups today came one step closer to striking down a policy limiting membership on the agency's advisory committees.

Democrat questions White House transparency in rollback of bedrock environmental law

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) on Thursday questioned the White House on its transparency in receiving and publishing industry comments on proposed changes to a bedrock environmental law.

EPA appears to be using coronavirus to make concessions to polluters

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced a freeze on enforcing environmental regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic that is so sweeping in scope that critics have begun to argue the change is actually a bid to advance the Trump administration's long-standing deregulatory agenda.


Push to tie green strings to emergency aid condemned by GOP

Corporate interests aren't the only ones seeking a piece of the $2 trillion bailout plan working its way through Congress. Environmentalists are also eager to attach strings to the emergency aid - and drawing the ire of Republicans.


Opponents fault Trump proposal to cut environmental reviews

A Trump administration proposal to roll back environmental reviews for big projects is drawing heavy objections from African American and Latino communities.


Vermont Senators seek to guarantee right to 'clean environment’ in state constitution

Half of the Vermont Senate is sponsoring the amendment, though some are skeptical about the power of the constitutional language.

Nevada, South Carolina and other primary voters say climate change is a top concern

“We can’t just say we’ll let another generation deal with it,” says one South Carolina voter.
Associate Justice William O. Douglas.

Before Gore, Greta, and the Green New Deal: Part Two

Let's start with an inveterate American treehugger named William O. Douglas.

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Once EPA chiefs, now campaign donors

Donations from former EPA administrators have gone to congressional and presidential candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey.

Concerns about radioactive contamination dog Rio Tinto’s Madagascar mine

Elevated background levels of radioactive uranium and thorium, and lead in water bodies near the mine, are most likely a result of mining activity, according to new analysis.


Endangered species: Interior wordsmiths 'habitat' with eye on regulatory reach

The Trump Interior Department has advanced its effort to redefine "habitat" under the Endangered Species Act, part of a second wave of changes to the bedrock conservation law.
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