Biden administration to repeal Trump rule aimed at curbing EPA’s power

The Biden administration has moved to repeal a Trump-era regulation that it said weakened the government's ability to curb air pollution that threatens public health and is driving climate change.

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New White House panel aims to separate science, politics

Eager to the turn the page on the Trump years, the Biden White House is launching an effort to unearth past problems with the politicization of science within government and to tighten scientific integrity rules for the future.


Internal doc: Trump admin overrode scientist on owl habitat

The Trump administration ignored dire warnings by the Fish and Wildlife Service's leading northern spotted owl expert when it drastically shrank critical habitat for the threatened species, a newly revealed memo suggests.

Republicans on 30x30: 'Catchy tagline' on an empty package

While the White House continues to mull the details of its ambitious conservation plans, House Republican lawmakers already skeptical of President Biden's "30x30" pledge yesterday volleyed a new round of criticisms at the program.

Republicans took an ax to Obama's rules. Democrats are using a scalpel

Congressional Democrats have finally gotten over their reluctance to repeal one of former President Donald Trump's regulations — using a legislative tool that Republicans wielded more than a dozen times against Barack Obama's rules four years ago.


FIRST 100 DAYS: 'Congress has changed since he's been there, dramatically'

The first 100 days of Biden boil down to a question: Can a president once known as a Senate deal-maker work with Congress to deliver on his bold goals?

Environment protest being criminalised around world, say experts

Peaceful environmental protesters are being threatened, silenced and criminalised in countries around the world including the UK and the US, according to some of the world's leading climate scientists and academics.


Germany’s surging Greens step up election race to succeed Merkel

Five months before national elections, a Green party that once styled itself as the rebel of German politics is finding itself in an unusually respectable position.


Court tosses Trump rule limiting emissions regulations

A panel of federal appeals judges Washington, D.C., on Monday nixed a Trump administration rule that would have prevented the Environmental Protection Agency from setting greenhouse gas limits on multiple polluting industries.


Electric school buses: A part of Biden’s infrastructure plan with big benefits

President Joe Biden's new infrastructure proposal has a lot going on: replacing lead pipes, expanding broadband, improving roads and trains, investing in green energy technologies, and permanently altering the tax landscape to pay for it.


EPA chief dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump

EPA Administrator Michael Regan will dismiss outside experts appointed by President Trump from two key advisory panels, a move he says will reduce the heavy influence of industry over the agency’s environmental regulations.

Capitol mob may have trashed 3 Trump pollution rules

Rioters who charged the Capitol on Jan. 6 hoping to preserve Donald Trump's power may have actually hurt the former president's environmental legacy.

Energy groups keep boycott of lawmakers who fought Biden win

Two energy industry associations are withholding political contributions from Republican lawmakers who voted in January not to accept President Biden's election victory.

Israeli ambassador speaks to Kerry, vows cooperation to fight climate change

Israel Ambassador to the US Gilad Erdan says he just got off the phone with the Biden administration's climate envoy, John Kerry, during which they discussed "the environmental challenges we are facing."


What’s on Interior’s to-do list? A full plate of public lands issues - and Trump rollbacks - for Deb Haaland

The Interior nominee would be the first Native American cabinet secretary if she wins Senate confirmation following hearings that begin Tuesday.

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From vaccines to elections to climate change, denial is doing lasting damage to the country.

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Here are the responses we've gotten so far from politicians about our study that found Pennsylvania families living near fracking wells are being exposed to high levels of harmful industrial chemicals.

Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change

Tucson's ambitious tree planting goal aims to improve the health of residents, wildlife, and the watershed.

“Allow suffering to speak:” Treating the oppressive roots of illness

By connecting the dots between medical symptoms and patterns of injustice, we move from simply managing suffering to delivering a lasting cure.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Living near fracking wells is linked to higher rate of heart attacks: Study

Middle-aged men in Pennsylvania's fracking counties die from heart attacks at a rate 5% greater than their counterparts in New York where fracking is banned.

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