Dam failure threatens a Dow chemical complex and Superfund cleanup

Floodwaters surged toward Midland, Mich., and one of the nation’s most extensive toxic cleanup sites, raising concerns of a wider environmental fallout from the dam disaster.
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EPA staff warned that mileage rollbacks had flaws. Trump officials ignored them

The behind-the-scenes skirmish in late March between career employees and Trump appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency highlights the extent to which Trump officials are racing to reverse environmental policies by the end of the president's first term.


Two states, D.C. plan to sue EPA for failing to enforce Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

Virginia, Maryland and the District say the Environmental Protection Agency has not taken action against two states that polluted the bay in violation of a 15-year cleanup agreement.

EPA settlements are supposed to hold polluters accountable. Will coronavirus get them off the hook?

Hundreds of cities and polluting industries agreed to clean up their act after being sued by the government. Now, many are asking for leniency.

EPA emails reveal talks between Trump officials, chemical group before 2017 settlement

When the chemical company Brenntag received a fine in 2017, the National Association of Chemical Distributors asked for help from two new Trump administration appointees who previously worked in chemical lobbying, according to emails.


EPA opts against limits on water contaminant tied to fetal damage

A new E.P.A. policy on perchlorate, which is used in rocket fuel, would revoke a 2011 finding that the chemical should be regulated.

Lorraine Loomis: Pollution-based economy cannot be sustained

EPA has moved away from an agency tasked with providing environmental protections to one of accommodating polluting special interests. Unfortunately, about the only thing we can expect from this EPA is more of the same.


Is 5G going to kill us all?

A new generation of superfast wireless internet is coming soon. But no one can say for sure if it’s safe.

EPA temporarily suspends monitoring of a pesticide in water over COVID-19 concerns

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has allowed Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta to halt its water monitoring program of a pesticide linked to reproductive issues and cancer that is found in the drinking water of millions of Americans.


EPA won't further limit air pollution despite coronavirus concerns

The Environmental Protection Agency officially announced it will not be tightening regulations, which would limit the amount of small particles in our air. The EPA sets limits for these particles, which come from things like factories and wildfires, every five years.

Trump’s response to virus reflects a long disregard for science

The president’s Covid-19 response has extended the administration’s longstanding practice of undermining scientific expertise for political purposes.

Wood energy as a climate change solution

The Environmental Protection Agency will soon issue a regulation governing how carbon dioxide emissions from wood burned for energy ("biomass") will be regulated under the Clean Air Act.


Air quality report: Washington cities see worst-ever air quality rankings

As many Washingtonians are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day from within their own homes during the COVID-19 pandemic , new research is indicating that air pollution in several cities has reached all-time highs.

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