EPA announces intent to strengthen limits on water pollution from power plants

The U.S. EPA announced that it is initiating a rule-making process to strengthen certain wastewater pollution discharge limits for coal power plants that use steam to generate electricity.

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'Burden falls on exposed people' as EPA weighs PFAS rules

Even though many toxicologists and health experts want EPA to regulate all PFAS together as a class, communities nationwide could be drinking contaminated water for years after EPA finalizes limits on PFOA and PFOS.

Editorial: Fracking’s use of EPA-approved chemicals shows again that regulators prioritize industry over health

The EPA, in prioritizing industry over its mandate to protect the environment, has infringed on Pennsylvania’s right to pure water and our health and safety.

Should this city’s response to lead in water be a national model?

Faced with a lead crisis that drew comparisons to Flint, Michigan's, some people have called Newark, New Jersey's response a "national model." Still, eliminating lead from drinking water nationwide will not be an easy task.


EPA should force Louisiana to curb air pollution, environmentalists say

Environmental groups are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to reject Louisiana's draft proposal to meet federally-mandated pollution reductions and instead enforce its own federal plan in place of the state's, which they say ignores key sources of pollution that burden national parks and majority-Black communities.


Limetree Bay Refinery files for bankruptcy

Limetree Bay Refining, the problem-plagued plant that rained oil on St. Croix, filed for bankruptcy in federal court this week as activists widened their probe of the operation’s impact.

Houston’s mayor asks EPA to probe contaminants at rail site associated with nearby cancer clusters

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has asked the Biden administration to seek fines and order the cleanup of a hazardous waste site owned by the Union Pacific Railroad that has been linked to two cancer clusters among nearby residents.


White House appoints Allison Crimmins as the National Climate Assessment director

Allison Crimmins, who worked at the EPA for the past decade, will lead the next National Climate Assessment.

EPA opens public comment period on petition to ban Seresto collars

The petition comes about four months after an Investigate Midwest and USA TODAY story found the popular flea and tick collar had been linked to about 1,700 pet deaths and more than 75,000 incidents of harm.

EPA approved toxic chemicals for fracking a decade ago, new files show

The compounds can form PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” which have been linked to cancer and birth defects. The E.P.A. approvals came despite the agency’s own concerns about toxicity.

The Biden administration has defended some of former President Trump’s pesticide decisions

Although President Joe Biden has promised to limit people's exposure to “dangerous chemicals and pesticides," his administration has defended several actions by the Trump administration that generally deregulated pesticides.


Daniel F. Becker: Biden must get tough on carmakers to slow climate change

Trump gutted emissions reductions. The president must make up for time lost.

Whistleblowers expose corruption in EPA chemical safety office

Managers and career staff in the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention tampered with the assessments of dozens of chemicals to make them appear safer, according to four scientists who work at the agency.


Here’s how Biden aims to increase electric car sales

The president wants to use pollution rules to rapidly lift sales, but there are hurdles ahead.

How Biden is spending his first big environmental justice fund

The Biden administration's first big spending effort is directed squarely at nationwide environmental justice and underscores commitments that the administration outlined in its so-called Justice40 Initiative

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Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Measuring Houston’s environmental injustice from space

Satellites show communities of color are far more exposed to pollution in Houston, offering a potential new way to close data gaps and tackle disparities.

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