EU air quality improves, but problems remain

Air quality in Europe improved over the last decade, according to a report by the European Environment Agency.

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Boris Johnson, seen as a Trump ally, signals alignment with Biden

The prime minister wants to show that Britain remains a vital ally. On climate change and military spending, he is promising major steps that will be welcomed by the president-elect.

World pushes ahead with climate action as U.S. remains in limbo

The Biden administration will confront new global climate politics while stuck on sidelines of a Dec. 12 global summit.

EU plans to increase offshore windfarm capacity by 250%

The capacity of the EU's offshore windfarms in the North Sea, the Baltic, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea will be increased by 250%, under a draft plan drawn up by the European commission.


Biden faces new global health world order

Biden is set to reverse Trump’s withdrawal from the WHO, but in the meantime, Europe has stepped up to the plate.

Dublin listed among cities failing to hit pollution targets as raw sewage is pumped into environment daily

Raw sewage is still being pumped out into the environment from 35 towns and cities every day, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency.


Andrew Norton: What does the Biden win mean for climate action?

On climate finance, faster emissions cuts and setting the climate action traffic signal for business from red to green, a Biden administration could produce big shifts.


The U.S. left the Paris Climate Agreement. Others are pressing ahead

The American exit officially took effect Wednesday. If Joseph R. Biden Jr. wins the election and rejoins the pact, the United States will have a lot of catching up to do.

How Jeff Bezos is spending his $10 billion Earth Fund

These nine environmental groups are some of his first grantees.

John Kerry: China’s chance to save Antarctic sea life

Twenty-four countries and the E.U. have agreed to create three marine parks, which would ban fishing and other industrial activity. But to become a reality, China must also agree.

Fix, or toss? The 'right to repair' movement gains ground

Both Republicans and Democrats are pursuing laws to make it easier for people to fix cellphones, cars, even hospital ventilators. In Europe, the movement is further along.

Plant-based food: Nothing wrong with a veggie burger

Whether they are committed carnivores or vigorous vegans, consumers need to be encouraged to read the ingredients on packs to understand what they are eating and how their food has arrived on their plate. This is about nutrition, not politics.


Greta Thunberg accuses MEPs of 'surrender on climate and environment'

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish school strike pioneer and environmental activist, has accused MEPs of surrendering on the climate and environment by voting in favour of a watered-down reform of the EU's common agricultural policy.


As pressures mount, Poland's once-mighty coal industry is in retreat

The shaky economics of coal and a concerted climate push by the European Union are forcing the nation's government to rethink its embrace of the dirtiest fossil fuel.

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Major oil and gas companies join program to cut methane emissions

62 oil and gas companies from around the world signed on to a UN-led partnership aimed at bolstering monitoring and reductions of the potent climate-warming gas.

Q&A: A young environmental justice leader on the value of getting youth of color into nature

"Before decisions are made we need to practice what we preach when we say that we stand for justice and equity. In any decision-making process, youth need to be involved from the get-go."

No place is safe: Tiny bit of plastic pollute the snow, streams on iconic Mount Everest

"No one had ever looked at microplastics on Everest before—the scary thing is we found microplastic in every single snow sample that we took."

Agents of Change: New fellows seek to reimagine science communication

Breaking through the echo chamber with new voices grounded in science, community, and equity.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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