Iowa passes third ag-gag bill targeting animal rights activists

The bill would create a new crime called “food operation trespass,” in yet another attempt to penalize activists for uncovering conditions at factory farms.
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“We don’t know what else is out there.” Five ways new diseases emerge — and what we can do about them

From forests and farms to our own back yards, there's a lot we can do to reduce future risks of pandemic outbreaks.

How climate change is contributing to skyrocketing rates of infectious disease

A catastrophic loss in biodiversity, reckless destruction of wildland and warming temperatures have allowed disease to explode. Ignoring the connection between climate change and pandemics would be “dangerous delusion,” one scientist said.

In agricultural giant Brazil, a new and growing hazard: The illegal trade in pesticides

Irresponsible pesticide use worldwide poisons millions of people, kills hundreds of thousands and damages soil, water and ecosystems.

Indiana county committee recommends clamping down on complaints against animal farms

A study committee voted to recommend adding language to the ordinance that would clamp down on rural residents objecting to CAFOs.

Questions remain about using treated sewage on farms

Spreading biosolids—which include human and industrial waste—on farmland helps cut down on synthetic fertilizer. But it may also pollute water supplies and expose people to harmful chemicals.

Environmental groups, scientists say North Carolina DEQ's air monitoring program fails the sniff test

Because DEQ limited air monitor sites to meet EPA criteria, they were too far from hog farms to accurately measure their emissions.

Can an industrial-scale meat company be carbon neutral?

Canada’s largest pork and chicken producer is making headlines for bold climate commitments. But it’s still maintaining an emissions-intensive business model.

Farming's growing problem

Fertilizers are contaminating and warming the planet. Regulators haven’t acted on decades-old warnings.

CA Farm Bureau worked to criminalize animal rescue activism

Records show that the California Farm Bureau has been working behind closed doors to limit legal exemptions for Direct Action Everywhere’s open rescues.

Yanzhong Huang: Why did one-quarter of the world's pigs die in a year?

Swine fever devastated China’s stock because with unsound governance, even sound regulations have perverse effects.

The breathtaking lack of oversight for air emissions from animal farms

We know livestock farms pollute the air—so why don’t we know how much?

Here are the rural residents who sued the world’s largest hog producer over waste and odors – and won

In a federal courtroom in Raleigh, North Carolina, a 14-year-old honor student named Alexandria McKoy swore to tell the truth. Then she settled in to testify against the world’s largest pork producer.
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The dangers of opinion masquerading as fact in science journals: Jerrold J. Heindel

A call for unbiased, honest science in peer-reviewed journals.

Join the “Agents of Change” discussion on research and activism

Four of the fellows who participated in the program this year will discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere.

Beyond the “silver lining” of emissions reductions: Clean energy takes a COVID-19 hit

With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

Blaming the COVID-19 messengers—public health officials under siege: Derrick Z. Jackson

The pandemic has put public health officials in a perilous place—caught between the common good and the often-toxic American drive for personal freedom.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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