The Biden challenge: Coaxing farmers on climate, pollution

If agriculture is to play a big role in addressing climate change and other environmental challenges, farmers will be key to success or failure.

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As the climate warms, could the U.S. face another Dust Bowl?

Improved agricultural practices and irrigation may stave off another agricultural calamity in the Great Plains. But scientists are now warning that two inescapable realities — rising temperatures and worsening drought — could still spawn a modern-day Dust Bowl.


Are Biden’s carbon markets as good as they look? No, say smaller farms

Carbon credits to cut US emissions may benefit big animal operations but lock out small, climate-friendly food producers.


New Mexico strengthens proposed regulations to reduce greenhouse gases

State officials want the petroleum industry to cut ozone-causing pollutants, but say understaffing will make enforcement tricky.

Biden won’t ban burgers. But his climate plan must fix our meat system

If Biden is serious about staving off climate disaster, our meat system is not something he can afford to ignore. At least 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from animal agriculture.


Swiss voters to cast ballots on pesticide-free farming

Switzerland is holding a referendum that could result in a total ban on synthetic pesticides. But environmentalists, farmers and agrochemical companies are at odds over a potential switch to organic agriculture.

Lab-grown meat firms attract sixfold increase in investment

The nascent industry growing real meat in bioreactors had a record-breaking year in 2020, with investment growing sixfold and dozens of new companies being founded.


In California’s farm country, climate change is likely to trigger more pesticide use, fouling waterways

Warmer temperatures would boost pest populations, causing farmers to use more insecticides that, with more frequent and severe storms, turn into toxic runoff.


‘Megadrought’ persists in western U.S., as another extremely dry year develops

The long-running dry stretch rivals anything in the last 1200 years, a sign of climate-change induced "aridification."

Freedom, farming and food security

Across the world, people are having to rethink the way they grow food in the face of the impacts of climate change and industrial agriculture.


Growing weed is still mysterious in terms of sustainability

Researchers across the country, including at the University of California Berkeley's Cannabis Research Center, are interested in examining how cannabis cultivation impacts the land and environment.


Vital soil organisms being harmed by pesticides, study shows

The tiny creatures are the 'unsung heroes' that keep soils healthy and underpin all life on land.


As extreme weather batters America’s farm country, costing billions, banks ignore the financial risks of climate change

The effects on agriculture of more frequent and intense natural disasters could overwhelm lenders, destabilize the food supply and disrupt the global economy.

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Qatar expands fish farming as climate change affects sea stocks

Qatar plans to expand fish farming to meet growing demand for fresh fish in local markets and maintain stocks in offshore Gulf waters in the face of devastating climate change.
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