Northern right whales are on the brink, and Trump could be their last hope

The species was declared critically endangered on Thursday, with fewer than 450 left.
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60 percent of the fish we eat could face extinction thanks to climate change

Climate change is already leading to devastating floods, droughts, and the displacement of millions of people. And as the planet continues to warm, fish populations are poised to take a significant hit.


Gabon dam development threatens fish habitat

To meet its rapidly growing energy demands, Gabon is looking to build a number of hydropower dams.

Photo by Gregor Moser on Unsplash

Louisiana’s mercury testing program for fish in peril

If there was a particularly bad time for Louisiana to stop testing waterways for toxic fish, it would be now.


Climate change will make world too hot for 60 percent of fish species

Fish are at a far greater risk from climate change than previously thought, as researchers have shown that embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming oceans.


Study: Mercury widespread in Chesapeake headwaters fish

Nearly half of all gamefish in freshwater lakes, streams and rivers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed may be unsafe to eat because of high levels of mercury, a new study suggests.


Mass fish deaths in Istanbul’s Lake Küçükçekmece

Thousands of fish and crabs have been found washed ashore in Istanbul's Lake Küçükçekmece, raising fears among locals about potential environmental hazards.


Northwest groups sue the EPA over its rollback of water quality standards

In a yearslong fight to ensure that Washington state waterways and fish are safe for people to eat, environmental groups and the Makah Indian Tribe have sued the Environmental Protection Agency over its move to rollback water quality standards in a way that would allow more pollution.


Do fish tummy bugs dictate their diets?

A preliminary study of Florida fish microbes hints at how and why each fish fills a unique ecological role.

Photo by Robin Lyon on Unsplash

Study finds pharmaceuticals, other chemicals in remote Minnesota lakes

A study has found pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in remote lakes in and around the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in northeastern Minnesota.

The world’s coral reefs are dying—here’s how scientists plan to save them

Without these interventions, scientists say the Earth’s coral reefs as we know them could disappear before the next century.
Plastic Pollution

Cigarette waste: New solutions for the world’s most-littered trash

A range of new tactics aim to curb cigarette butt pollution, including groundbreaking legislation that could hold tobacco companies accountable for their products’ waste.

Communities on Brazil’s ‘River of Unity’ tested by dams, climate change

Pixaim is one of the remaining quilombos on the Atlantic coast, an Afro-Brazilian settlement already gravely impacted by upstream dams. Now climate change could doom it.

Fishery managers seek to open Pacific monuments to fishing

The request could inhibit protections in areas set aside, in part, for dwindling fish populations to recover.

B.C. lax on forestry practices that harm fish habitat: watchdog report

A new report from the Forest Practices Board found logging roads are sending sediment into streams and damaging fish habitat.

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With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

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