Ocean Heat Waves Are Directly Linked to Climate Change - The New York Times

The “blob” of hotter ocean water that killed sea lions and other marine life in 2014 and 2015 may become permanent.
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When the otters vanished, everything else started to crumble

Against the backdrop of climate change, the delicate underwater ecology of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands is hurting from declines in otters.

B.C. fish farming may be in hot water due to climate change

Global warming is likely to significantly reduce the areas suitable for the farming of Atlantic salmon along the West Coast, according to a recent UBC study.


EPA publishes long-awaited Smurfit fish sample results but mum on health risks

The Environmental Protection Agency has finally released results showing contamination in fish around the Smurfit Stone mill site, though it failed to include enough information to allow the state to adjust its fish consumption warnings.


Ocean warming has seafloor species headed in the wrong direction

As the world warms, many species of plant and animal will have to find new - often cooler - places to live. But things are trickier for sedentary marine creatures like snails, worms, and clams.


Pink salmon could prosper in warmer Arctic, new study finds

Scientists like to say that climate change is creating winners and losers in Alaska: Some species will struggle, while others could benefit from warmer habitats.


Mercury from gold mining contaminates Amazon communities’ staple fish

A new study finds that the four fish species most commonly consumed by Indigenous and riverine communities in northern Brazil contain the highest concentrations of mercury, up to four times in excess of WHO recommendations.

Biscayne Bay to get a pollution-fighting chief

The sudden drop in oxygen levels that killed thousands of fish in north Biscayne Bay last month produced at least one positive effect: a new impetus for action to save the bay.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in Chesapeake region's freshwater fish

High levels of "forever chemicals" have been reported in freshwater fish and water from a Maryland creek, raising new questions about the extent and seriousness of these compounds' contamination in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


'It's terrifying': can anyone stop China's vast armada of fishing boats?

Ecuador stood up for the Galápagos, but other countries don't stand a chance against the 17,000-strong distant-water fleet.


New conditions on Alaskan mine could delay vast project that Donald Trump Jr. opposes

The Army Corps of Engineers will impose new mitigation conditions on the developers of the proposed Pebble Mine, potentially pushing approval past the election.

Ottawa to review Teck’s Castle Mountain coal mine in B.C. amid concerns over fish habitat

Federal decision comes on the heels of new research from the U.S. Geological Survey that will help inform selenium guidelines to ensure safety of fish in cross-border lake.


The muddy waters of US ocean protection

More than half of the United States is underwater: a sunken landscape of canyons, volcanic ranges, coral reefs, and kelp forests.

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Opinion: The dangers of mining the deep ocean

The growing push to mine the seabed threatens the vast and rich ecosystem between the surface and the seafloor.

Rising water temperatures threaten fish populations

With rising temperatures and prolonged drought, Southwest Colorado's rivers and streams are increasingly running lower and warmer, creating an uncertain future for fish and other aquatic life.

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