Pandemic crowds bring ‘Rivergeddon’ to Montana’s rivers

As urbanites flock to forests and rivers to escape coronavirus threats, trailheads are cramped with parked cars and fishing on the Madison River is like a Disneyland ride.
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The Great Lakes, North America’s greatest resource, faces many threats

The Great Lakes helped make the U.S. an economic powerhouse. Now climate change, pollution, and invasive species threaten their complex ecosystems.

The rebirth of a historic river

For over a century, one of the most important salmon runs in the United States has had to contend with historic dams – and now four of them are set to be taken down.

'We won': Indigenous group in Canada scoops up billion dollar seafood firm

Clearwater Seafoods deal gives Mi'kmaq control of lucrative ocean stretch, as tensions remain high over First Nation fishing rights.


Leaked report shows Scotland missed target for marine wildlife protection

The Scottish government has failed to meet its target for preventing damage to important marine life, according to a leaked report by scientists from Scotland's nature agency that shows losses of vital underwater habitats.


Mi’kmaq lobstermen in Nova Scotia face attacks by fishermen

A battle over the lucrative lobster industry in Nova Scotia has become the latest flash point in a series of abuses of Indigenous people in Canada.

Vast majority of Europe's key habitats in poor or bad condition – report

The vast majority of protected landscapes across Europe are rated as in poor or bad condition and vital species and their habitats continue to decline despite targets aimed at protecting them, according to a report.


Tests find low levels of “forever chemicals” in some Maryland oysters

A new round of testing for "forever chemicals" in St. Mary's County, MD, found "no levels of concern" in oysters or in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay tributaries where the shellfish were growing, according to state environmental officials.


A farewell to ice fishing? Climate change leads to less lake ice

As the world warms, winters on Grand Traverse Bay - and many other lakes - aren't what they used to be.


Tropical cyclones suppress rainfall in their wakes

As these tempests move over the ocean, they suppress cloud coverage and rainfall in their wakes, new research has revealed. Such changes, which might become more pronounced with climate change, could affect navigation and fishing, researchers have suggested.


An Alaska mine project might be bigger than acknowledged

In secretly recorded meetings, executives with the Pebble Mine project said the operation could run nine times longer than outlined in their permit filings.

Hawai‘ian reefs lost almost half their fish to pollution and fishing

According to the research, sewage pollution was the biggest contributor to declining fish biomass; spearfishing, collection for the aquarium trade, and fishing using lay nets followed closely behind.


Connecting fishermen with hungry communities can also benefit local food systems

While fresh seafood hasn't traditionally been included in hunger relief programs, advocates say the lean protein is a smart choice that supports local economies.

More fish in the sea due to outbreak as fishing season opens in Turkey

Prior to the opening of the fishing season, experts said the fish population at Turkey's seas has increased due to a lack of fishing activities and lower pollution levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.


'It's terrifying': can anyone stop China's vast armada of fishing boats?

Ecuador stood up for the Galápagos, but other countries don't stand a chance against the 17,000-strong distant-water fleet.

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Major oil and gas companies join program to cut methane emissions

62 oil and gas companies from around the world signed on to a UN-led partnership aimed at bolstering monitoring and reductions of the potent climate-warming gas.

Q&A: A young environmental justice leader on the value of getting youth of color into nature

"Before decisions are made we need to practice what we preach when we say that we stand for justice and equity. In any decision-making process, youth need to be involved from the get-go."

No place is safe: Tiny bit of plastic pollute the snow, streams on iconic Mount Everest

"No one had ever looked at microplastics on Everest before—the scary thing is we found microplastic in every single snow sample that we took."

Agents of Change: New fellows seek to reimagine science communication

Breaking through the echo chamber with new voices grounded in science, community, and equity.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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