The FDA relaxes food label rules for fifth time during the pandemic

The FDA just made it easier for food manufacturers to substitute ingredients and for vending machine operators to ditch calorie information.
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Thai residents slam use of glyphosate

Communities around Dong Chi Forest Reserve protested against the use of the herbicide glyphosate by a firm contracted to clear land to grow eucalyptus trees.

Discarded coronavirus face masks and gloves rising threat to ocean life, conservationists warn

The bright colours of latex gloves risk can be mistaken as food by seabirds, turtles and other marine mammals putting them at risk of severe injuries and death

Mexico to tackle lead in glazed pottery, other consumer products

One in every 11 children under five has lead poisoning, health authority says.


Four workers at ADM Clinton, Iowa, corn facility test positive for coronavirus

Four workers at an Archer Daniels Midland Co corn processing facility in Clinton, Iowa, have tested positive for coronavirus, the company said on Monday.

F.D.A. halts overseas inspections of drugs and devices, citing coronavirus

The agency said the spread of the virus globally prompted its decision. It had already pulled back from China, but this move will also affect India, a major generics manufacturer.

UK Environment Secretary refuses to guarantee ban on chlorinated chicken

Environment secretary says there are 'no plans' to change law to clinch US trade deal.


Shame of Kisumu water company destroying Lake Victoria

Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company pumps at least seven dangerous chemicals into Lake Victoria.

Use of PFASs 'widespread' in UK food packaging, report finds

'Significant levels' in samples from major supermarkets, food outlets.


For older alligators, mercury is in retrograde

Mercury contamination in American alligators fades with age, and scientists aren't sure why.

Who pays? PFAS lawsuits, legislation raise question of pollution liability

Wastewater utilities, whose facilities are a conduit for chemical pollution, object to Democratic proposals in Congress that could hold them liable for the cost of PFAS removal.


NC State study finds high PFAS in Cape Fear striped bass

After finding PFOS levels among the highest found in wildlife in Cape Fear striped bass, study raises idea of a fish consumption advisory.

Help for a world drowning in microplastics

Microplastic pollution in our oceans and lakes is a problem. Scientists are testing solutions — from more biodegradable recipes to nanotechnology.

Dingell cites Ann Arbor compost scare as reason to ban PFAS in food packaging

The Michigan congresswoman wants to ban harmful chemicals in food packaging.
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