Design for the future when the future is bleak

Amid pandemics and environmental disasters, designers and architects have been forced to imagine a world in which the only way to move forward is to look back.
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Is the vegan movement ready to reckon with racism?

Black vegans and animal rights activists are calling on their white counterparts to embrace intersectionality and create long-term, structural change.

Beef and beer are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in Pittsburgh's food system, says study

The data collected information to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Allegheny County.

The surprising link between consumer habits and deadly diseases

From age-old malaria to COVID-19, markets influence systems that drive pandemic risk. Here's what we can do about it.


‘We had to do something': Trying to prevent massive food waste

Some producers acknowledge the efforts are “just a drop in the bucket” of what farmers can’t sell and are destroying instead.

Could changing the way we farm rice be a climate solution?

Farmers are on focusing on ways to reduce methane emissions and save water to further reduce the staple crop’s climate footprint.

The fight for West Africa’s fish

Illegal fishing in the region harms livelihoods and food supplies. Yet some of the most damaging activity is conducted under EU deals.


Daniel Henryk Rasolt: Scientists must learn how to interact with Indigenous people

Amazing opportunity for progress lies at the intersection of complex systems science and traditional worldviews. Can we find the humility to embrace it?


Can the US slash food waste in half in the next ten years?

Emerging efforts by cities and the federal government show that progress is possible, but experts say systemic changes are still needed.

"Mitigation of Shock, Singapore" shows a post-climate change apartment

This working apartment in Singapore shows how much things will stay the same once the climate changes—and also how much we’ll have to adapt.

Social Roots seed company wants to 'reseed the Lowcountry'

As climate change makes the Southeast’s growing conditions increasingly unpredictable, encouraging individuals to grow heirlooms and save their seeds presents an opportunity for crop resilience.

PepsiCo's US operations to be 100% renewable by end of 2020

It’s part of the company’s global goal to cut emissions 20% by 2030.

The 10 best climate books of 2019

From Greta Thunberg to the Green New Deal, check out the books that crystallize the crisis and present innovative solutions.

One thing your city can do: Reduce food waste

In the United States alone, food waste generates the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 37 million cars. But cities are coming up with solutions.


‘Make agribusiness pay the full costs:' In Blue New Deal, Warren targets farm pollution, Great Lakes

Water policy observers view Warren's Blue New Deal and water-related statements from other candidates as significant steps forward in this election cycle.

From our Newsroom

Earth Day: Amidst the greenwashing, it's still a good thing

When corporations tout their greenness and journalists get beaten senseless by lame ideas.

‘Forever chemicals’ coat the outer layers of biodegradable straws

More evidence that harmful PFAS chemicals are sneaking into some "green" and "compostable" products.

Pesticide DDT linked to increased breast cancer risk generations after exposure

Groundbreaking study finds women whose grandmothers had high DDT exposure are more likely to be obese and have early menstruation—both breast cancer risk factors.

Want more clean energy? Focus on people, not technology

Energy decisions can be deeply personal. We need to listen to households and communities before we prescribe their energy transition.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The political, media, and community response to our Fractured investigation

From a media blitz to calls for statewide drilling bans, here's a look at the fallout and impacts so far from EHN's investigation of western Pennsylvania fracking impacts.

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