‘We’ve got it everywhere’: Dicamba damaging trees across Midwest and South

Forest health experts said trees are being damaged from Indiana to Kansas, from North Dakota to Arkansas.

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Will the coronavirus make the West more vulnerable to wildfires?

The fight against Covid-19 has disrupted preparations for the fire season.

Supreme Court seems ready to back pipeline across Appalachian Trail

Environmental groups seek to block the $8 billion pipeline, which would deliver natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina, crossing the famed hiking trail.

Trump just pledged to help plant more trees. But in Alaska’s Tongass, his focus is on cutting them

An unusual contract will pay the timber industry to help decide which trees can be logged.

The world burns all year. Are there enough planes to douse the flames?

As climate change pushes California’s fire season into Australia’s, an intricate system of resource sharing struggles with the load.

A forecast for a warming world: Learn to live with fire

The Kincade fire is burning more than 10,000 acres in California. Other areas of the country are experiencing drought so understanding fire is becoming ever more important.

Hurricanes may kill some birds, but humans are the real threat

When the time comes to assess the environmental damage from Hurricane Dorian, one species may be extinct, but it's not Dorian's fault.

How long before these salmon are gone? 'Maybe 20 years'

Warming waters and a series of dams are making the grueling migration of the Chinook salmon even more deadly — and threatening dozens of other species.

Why Smokey Bear desperately needs a makeover

The official Ursus of fire prevention ought to move from figurehead to spokesbear—and wearing a little Nomex wouldn't hurt either.

Christopher Ketcham: This land was your land

Federal agencies have been captured by the very industries they should be regulating.

A plan to mine the Minnesota wilderness hit a dead end. Then Trump became president.

The revival of project to mine the edge of Minnesota's cherished Boundary Water has angered environmentalists and focused attention on an unusual connection between a Chilean billionaire and President Trump's family.

Can humans help trees outrun climate change?

A dark synergy of extreme weather and emboldened pests could imperil vast stretches of woodland. Foresters are only starting to wrestle with solutions.

Can humans help trees?

A dark synergy of extreme weather and emboldened pests could imperil vast stretches of woodland.

Wildfire prevention stalled by shutdown during crucial time

The nearly monthlong government shutdown has delayed contracts for firefighting equipment, halted hiring for seasonal firefighters and stopped planned burns to manage forests in wildfire-prone states such as California and Oregon.
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