Pennsylvania DEP pushes greenhouse gas pact

Pennsylvania would receive $300 million in 2022 from the sale of emissions credits and reduce its emissions of climate changing carbon dioxide by more than 180 million tons over the next decade if it joins the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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This is inequity at the boiling point

Earth is overheating. This year is poised to be one of the hottest ever. Millions are already feeling the pain, but the agony of extreme heat is profoundly unequal across the globe.

Climate change: How to drive fossil fuels out of the US economy, quickly

To do its part in limiting global temperature rise to between 1.5° and 2° Celsius, the US must reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. To achieve this, the full resources of the US economy must be bent toward manufacturing the needed clean-energy technology and infrastructure.


South Africa tightens restrictions for new coal power in 'landmark' ruling

South Africa is tightening environmental demands for new coal-fired power plants, after what campaigners called a 'landmark' ruling that licences for water use should consider the risks of climate change.


Fee hike more than doubles price for shale gas drilling permits in Pa.

The fees are meant to cover the state’s cost to regulate drillers, but with companies pulling fewer permits, the increase may still fall short. 

Utility companies’ deadly addiction to profit

From wildfires to shut-off threats, utility companies have a track record of endangering consumers.

California may finally join the ranks of states with fossil fuel setbacks

Senate committee to vote today on a bill mandating a minimum distance between oil and gas wells and sensitive sites like schools and hospitals.
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BP lays out rapid cuts in oil and gas production to reach net-zero carbon emissions

What happens when a big oil and gas company decides it wants to radically cut back on the oil and gas business? That’s what BP says it will do over the next decade.

Sandeep Pai: Governments must support a just transition for oil workers

As demand for fossil fuel plummets, education, job creation and other support is critical to save millions of oil industry employees and their communities from collapse.


BP's dividend cut puts firm on road to deliver green energy pledge

Investment in low-carbon energy is to increase ten-fold to $5bn a year by 2030. Over the next decade, renewable generating capacity will rise 20-fold and oil and gas production will be shrunk by 40%.


BP enjoys share bounce after unveiling plans to shift away from fossil fuels

BP has won guarded praise from climate emergency campaigners and a hefty share price bounce by unveiling new plans to shift away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon energy within the next decade.


The trough is behind U.S. Steel, CEO David Burritt says

Pittsburgh-based steelmaker U.S. Steel Corp. told investors that things are beginning to look up after a quarter that saw multiple facilities shut down and profits plunge as a result of the pandemic and deteriorating state of the oil and gas industry.


He was told an electrified highway was impossible. Now, Germany is considering installing 4,000 kilometers

For spearheading Siemens’s eHighway project, which charges electric trucks as they drive, Roland Edel is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People of 2020.

Bill Gates-backed founder Bill Gross has a plan to save the world from fossil fuels

For inventing Heliogen, a sustainable alternative to using fossil fuels for industrial heating, Bill Gross is one of Fast Company's Most Creative People of 2020.

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