Fracking shows why scientists should shape environmental policy

The case of fracking in Pennsylvania shows that if experts and fossil fuel industry leaders can cooperate, innovation is possible.
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Health concerns driving force behind Scenery Hill mom's environmental tours

The tours are open to the public and consist of tours near properties that have well sites, compressor stations and other natural gas activities.

Study finds link between proximity to fracking activities and mental health issues during pregnancy

A new study led by a researcher at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health identifies a link between proximity to hydraulic fracking activities and mental health issues during pregnancy.

Living on Earth: Fracking and your health

A new meta study brings together the findings of more than 1700 studies, articles and reports on the health impacts of fracking. Coauthor Sandra Steingraber, a professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Ithaca College, joins Host Bobby Bascomb to discuss the importance of this massive body of evidence.

Speakers cite health hazards linked to petrochemical industry

An environmentalist and a physician, who spoke in Wheeling Tuesday, paint a dire picture of health impacts of the petrochemical industry, including oil and gas fracking and ethane cracker plants.

Fracking in Ohio series: Some Ohio citizens who complained about oil and gas feel “abandoned” by the state

People have filed thousands of complaints with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources about everything from gas leaks and crumbling roads to odors and noise they blame on energy development.
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"No evidence" that fracking can be done without threatening human health: Report

A group of doctors and scientists have released a report highlighting that 84 percent of studies published from 2009-2015 on the health impacts of fracking conclude the industry causes harm to human health.

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Fracking in Ohio series: How Ohio compares to Pennsylvania for oversight of gas industry

An Ohio law and environment professor said that in some ways, Pennsylvania is better than Ohio in terms of regulating the industry.
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After a decade of research, here’s what scientists know about the health impacts of fracking

Fracking has been linked to preterm births, high-risk pregnancies, asthma, migraine headaches, fatigue, nasal and sinus symptoms, and skin disorders over the last 10 years, according to a new study.

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