At long last, new carbon capture project launches in Alberta

After more than a decade in the works, a new carbon capture project in Alberta is now operational with lofty goals of sequestering large amounts of emissions, while also helping to revitalize the oil industry in the central part of the province.
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Permian gas pollution halves in upside of oil crash

Natural gas pollution at the world's most prolific oilfield will halve in the coming months, providing an environmental upside to the worst crash in the price of crude in decades.


Chevron shareholders approve calls for more transparency on climate lobbying

Chevron Corp shareholders on Wednesday voted to approve a proposal demanding that the company issue a report on its climate change related lobbying activities, a major win for activists against big oil.

U.S. judge throws out Trump policy favoring drilling over sage grouse protection

A U.S. judge in Montana has thrown out a Trump administration directive that weakened an Obama-era policy aimed at protecting a threatened Western bird, invalidating hundreds of oil and gas leases on federal land in Montana and Wyoming.

Bill McKibben: What will it take to cool the planet?

New data suggest that a great percentage of our emissions trouble is hardwired into our systems, and not solely a function of our habits and choices.

US to grant more time to consider New Mexico drilling plan

U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says he'll extend the public comment period on a contested plan that will guide oil and gas drilling and other development in an area of northwestern New Mexico that includes a national park and locations important to Native American tribes.


Fossil fuel industry applauds Coalition climate measures that support carbon capture and storage

Fossil fuel industry groups and companies have applauded new climate change measures proposed by the Morrison government, including support for carbon capture and storage developments.


Google backs off on AI for oil and gas extraction

Google says it will no longer build custom artificial intelligence tools for speeding up oil and gas extraction, separating itself from cloud computing rivals Microsoft and Amazon.

Trump says demand is back. But companies may not survive

Trump said Friday that oil "demand is coming back" even as industry analysts predicted that global oil production could collapse by the largest amount in history in the coming months.


Factory behind India gas leak operated illegally until 2019

The chemical factory that leaked gas into a coastal Indian city on Thursday morning, killing at least 12 people and putting hundreds in hospital, was operating illegally until at least the middle of 2019, documents show.


Why a plastic plant was deemed 'essential' during lockdown, and other questions on Vizag gas leak

The gas leak in a chemical plant in Visakhapatnam which left 11 people dead and around 1,000 hospitalised in the wee hours of Thursday, raises serious safety concerns and more questions than can be answered.


Obama’s EPA Chief speaks out: “Trump’s EPA is making COVID-19 More Deadly”

“We must demand that our elected leaders put people, not polluters, first." And the EPA has a crucial role to play in fulfilling that demand.

Banks’ vows to restrict loans for Arctic oil and gas development may be largely symbolic

Financial institutions rarely provide such loans and with oil prices at rock bottom, the Arctic is not a priority for the energy industry.

Gas stoves making indoor air up to five times dirtier than outdoor air, report finds

Gas stoves are making people sick, contributing pollution that makes indoor air up to two to five times dirtier than outdoor air, according to a new report.


Is gas really better than coal for the climate?

U.S. emissions have fallen consistently over the last 15 years in large part because power companies have swapped coal for natural gas. Now it appears those CO2 reductions are smaller than previously thought.
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