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Scientists detail full genome of wheat for first time

In a breakthrough that experts say will help feed the growing global population in the coming decades, scientists Thursday revealed they have cracked the full genome of wheat for the first time.


Expert witness from landmark Monsanto trial offers 5 fixes to shortcomings in current GE food regulations

Editor's note: Charles Benbrook served as an expert witness in support of Lee Johnson, a groundskeeper suffering from terminal non-Hodgkin lymphoma following heavy use of, and exposures to Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.

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Trial to test if GM fed salmon are more nutritious

Researchers are feeding genetically modified crops to farmed salmon to see if it boosts their nutritional value.

Top EU court rules new breeding tech counts as GMOs

The suit was brought by small-scale French farmers against some biotechnology exemptions from regulations. So-called "molecular scissors" are just as dangerous as other genetic engineering, the ECJ said.

A major victory for the Impossible Burger, the veggie ‘meat’ that bleeds

The highly engineered food with GM yeast finally makes its way through an FDA maze. Not everyone is jazzed, though.
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Prepare for a November surprise

Don't believe the polls; it'll be a race, by hook or by crook.

WATCH: Agents of Change discuss writing, research, and activism

"At the end of the day it's about holding a love for the people you work with, holding your sacred ground—this is my truth."

A Northeast US climate initiative has had a major side benefit—healthier children

Researchers estimate a climate effort in the Northeast U.S. helped the region reduce toxic air pollution and avoid hundreds of asthma and autism cases, preterm births, and low birth weights.

Diversity and community focus: The future of science communication

How EHN's Agents of Change series highlighted the inequities—and opportunities—in environmental health.

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