Meet the people saving Canada’s native grasslands

Grasslands sequester billions of tonnes of carbon and support hundreds of plant species and over 60 species at risk. They are also one of the world's most endangered ecosystems.

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And now for some good news: 20 inspiring food and agriculture stories

Despite the headlines, people nationwide are working together with compassion, ingenuity, and solidarity to solve problems across the food system.

The wells bringing hope in the desert

At the encroaching edge of the Sahara Desert, community tensions are tightly bound up with the search for water.

‘Sharing Square’ in Belchertown, Mass, Community Garden helps feed community

For the past 15 years, the community garden has enabled residents of Belchertown and surrounding towns to grow their own produce without pesticides or chemicals.

The butterfly effect

Climate change can feel impossible to solve. But, as monarchs show, small actions can have world-altering results.

Why the U.K. is investing big in cycling and walking

The new push to promote and fund active travel is as much about improving health as it is about curbing pollution.

The environmental movement is very white. These leaders want to change that

People of color have long been excluded from environmental policy and conservation—creating blind spots that perpetuate inequality.

A Northeast US climate initiative has had a major side benefit—healthier children

A climate change initiative in the Northeastern U.S. designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions has also greatly reduced harmful air pollution and related impacts to kids' health, such as asthma, preterm births and low birth weights, according to a new study.

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How London's low-traffic streets keep cars at bay

To curb cars and boost biking and walking, the city is rolling out low-traffic neighborhoods, with streets closed to non-local drivers. Not everyone is a fan.

2019 coal production hit lowest level since 1978

Last year, coal production fell to the lowest level since 1978, according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Tuesday. 

UN chief invites young climate activists to meet, give input

The youth advisory group of seven is tasked with providing perspectives and ideas to help scale up climate action.

Deutsche Banks won’t finance any new Arctic oil and gas projects

Germany’s largest finance institution says the move is part of a commitment to protect the climate and help the EU to achieve its goal of being climate neutral by 2050.
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