Trump stacked his Cabinet with climate skeptics. Now Republicans are piling on Biden's climate activist nominee

President Joe Biden nominated the most diverse Cabinet in history, but the Senate, which gets to offer "advice and consent," is suddenly full of members -- mostly Republicans -- who are critical of partisan tweets and are carefully scrutinizing nominees' job qualifications.

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GOP directs ire for Biden's climate agenda at John Kerry

For Republicans, the 2004 Democratic nominee is a familiar target.

Biden bet big on climate. Will the GOP raise, call or fold?

Joe Biden kicked off his presidency with a blitz of climate action. Now comes the hard part: making policy that doesn't rely on executive orders and can outlast his administration.


Jennifer Granholm vows to protect workers as GOP fumes

The former Michigan governor made the case this morning that her "obsession" with job creation qualifies her to lead the new administration's clean energy employment goals, an effort with the potential to create more energy jobs than existed before.


Bob Marshall: A sustainable future ought to be the GOP's policy, too

The best gift Louisiana Republicans can give their state is to tell their congressmen they'll be watching votes on environmental issues for the next two years, and if they don't like what they see, they will find, nominate and elect a green Republican.


GOP playbook to complicate a Mary Nichols nomination

Mary Nichols is a favorite to win the nomination to lead President-elect Joe Biden's EPA. But of the current top contenders for the post, she also could face the toughest path to Senate confirmation.

GOP picks McMorris Rodgers for Energy and Commerce; Westerman for Resources

McMorris Rodgers will be the first woman to hold a leadership role at the committee that has authority over the nation’s health care, technology, environmental and energy policy.

Florida GOP leaders look at climate change plans

Planning work to address flooding from rising sea levels, similar to how the state maps out road and bridge projects for five years, is being considered by the new Republican leaders of the Florida House and Senate.


Commonsense green

As recently as 2008 the GOP acknowledged that the Earth's warming was caused by human activity, and a commitment was made to reducing the nation's long-term use of fossil fuels. By the end of President Barack Obama's first term, however, the GOP completely reversed its position.


The rise of Gen Z could foretell the fall of Trumpism

Deeply committed to diversity, social justice and combating climate change, the youngest voters could be the engine that drives a new GOP.

With record heat, climate is a big deal in Arizona, but it may not sway voters

Both candidates are former combat pilots and neither favors the Green New Deal. But Democrat Kelly is edging out GOP incumbent McSally.

'It's a setback.' Trump's climate denials worry Republicans

The Republican Party has spent several years crafting a climate message that moves the GOP away from its denier past. President Trump blew that apart this week.


Trump scrambles talking points with offshore drilling ban

Trump is aiming to make an election-season green pivot: painting himself as the best environmentalist the White House has seen - with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, an incompetent failure.

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Is ‘clean energy’ a winning issue for GOP candidates?

With Texas suburbs emerging as a political battleground in the November election, a constellation of conservative groups are arguing that Republican candidates should talk up a wonky issue: Clean energy.


GOP mischaracterizes Biden's energy agenda in convention speeches

President Trump and his allies made statements that included saying the Democratic presidential candidate wanted to end the production of certain types of fossil fuels, to suggesting he wanted to eliminate gas-powered cars, neither of which are part of Biden's plans.

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