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The Lake Erie Bill of Rights is dead. A voluntary effort will pay farmers to reduce runoff instead

The H2Ohio program is incentivizing conservation practices. Will it address growing water quality woes and appease continued calls for more direct action?

Trump’s EPA chief drops into battleground states ahead of election

Andrew Wheeler is championing the president's achievements in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Q&A: A new agency for the Great Lakes? This Democrat is trying

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a top Democratic appropriator, wants to create a federal entity to revive the Great Lakes region, boost water quality, and create jobs in states hit by the pandemic and unemployment.
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Investing in pollution prevention and restoration pays off

A new study on cleaning up Great Lakes pollution hotspots published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research finds that investing in pollution prevention and restoration pays off in the long run.


Ojibwe prophecy led to the Great Lakes. Now it's threatened

With an increasingly unpredictable climate across the "Five Freshwater Seas," as the Great Lakes are known, the Ojibwe's ancient wild rice traditions are being undermined.

Upmanu Lall, Paulina Concha Larrauri: The Michigan dam failures are a warning

Many need repairs. Let’s fix them before climate-related flooding gets worse.

Lake Erie has 50 times more plastic pollution at the lake floor than at the surface

A new study shows that hundreds of tons of plastic are building at the bottom of the Great Lakes and Lake Erie alone has about 380 tons of plastic.

Great Lakes moment: River otters return to western Lake Erie

The river otter, once common throughout much of North America, was first reduced by trapping and then displaced from many areas by loss of habitat from urbanization and pollution.

Climate change comes to Duluth — one of America’s “climate refuge cities”

Perched on the western shore of the world's greatest lake, this freshwater port community offers lessons for resilience in uncertain times.

Great Lakes cities sewer designs mean waste in the waters

Climate change is expected to bring more intense storms to the Great Lakes region. That means more raw sewage flowing into the lakes, and a greater likelihood that beaches will be closed due to bacterial contamination.

Report: EPA pull-back under Trump causes spike in Great Lakes pollution

Without a strong expectation of environmental law enforcement, facilities are more likely to violate the law and avoid accountability.

The mysterious demise of freshwater mussels

Mass mussel casualties, like those in Ohio's Big Darby Creek, are relatively new, and they are now happening worldwide.

Great Lakes get extra funds for cleanups, invasive species

Additional funds provided by Congress for Great Lakes environmental improvements will be used to hasten cleanups of highly toxic sites and step up work on other longstanding forms of pollution, federal officials said Thursday.

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Organic diets quickly reduce the amount of glyphosate in people’s bodies

A new study found levels of the widespread herbicide and its breakdown products reduced, on average, more than 70 percent in both adults and children after just six days of eating organic.

Stranded whales and dolphins offer a snapshot of ocean contamination

"Many of the chemical profiles that we see in cetaceans are similar to the types of chemical profiles that we see in humans who live in those coastal areas."

Cutting forests and disturbing natural habitats increases our risk of wildlife diseases

A new study found that animals known to carry harmful diseases such as the novel coronavirus are more common in landscapes intensively used by people.

The President’s green comedy routine

A token, triumphal green moment for a president and party who just might need such a thing in an election year.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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