Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $2.1 billion in baby powder lawsuit

The court slammed the company while reducing the overall amount of required damages.
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A flame retardant commonly found in vintage furniture may be affecting human sperm

Many pre-1976 consumer goods and appliances contain biphenyl-153, which decreases sperm quality and can cause birth defects

Cancer risk studies raise questions about the safety of long-lasting hair dyes

Long-lasting hair dyes are popular, and their safety has been well researched. But new epidemiology studies show their use correlates with increased risk of breast cancer.

How companies are getting 1,4-dioxane out of home and personal care products

Chemical makers, cleaning product firms, and cosmetics makers are all scrambling to meet new limits on the impurity.

Getting to the essence: Essential oils can be beneficial, but they should be used with caution

Essential oils are touted as helping with sleep, alertness, relaxation and other benefits, but are they always safe?


Why your cosmetics don’t have to be tested for safety

The regulations that guarantee the safety of cosmetic products you use everyday haven’t been updated since 1938.

FDA bowed to industry for decades as alarms were sounded over talc

Since the 1970s, the FDA downplayed health concerns about talc in powders and cosmetics, deferring again and again to manufacturers, documents show.

New Hampshire wants to test all bottled water for PFAS contaminants

As state and local officials adapt to new guidelines for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, bottled water is getting more attention.

Office workers may be breathing potentially harmful compounds in cosmetics

Some cosmetics and deodorants contain chemicals that, when released into the air, may pose a risk to human health.

Public warned to avoid rogue skin-lightening creams 'at all costs' which 'act like paint stripper'

Ingredients in the cosmetics can cause serious harm, and some products have been mislabelled.


Poison: Sacramento woman comatose after using skin cream

A Sacramento woman has been hospitalized for mercury poisoning and is in a “semi-comatose state" after using skin cream imported from Mexico that had mercury added by a third party.

Doctor says search continues for cause of lung injuries in young people

UPMC pulmonologist guesses that unknown contaminants in unregulated vaping products may turn out to cause breathing difficulties.

Flame retardant ban becomes Minnesota state law

It bans the manufacture and sale of mattresses, children's products, upholstered furniture and residential textiles, such as window coverings, that contain certain flame retardants.

Asbestos in your makeup? California legislature rejects proposal to ban toxics from cosmetics

California lawmakers refused to bar the sale of cosmetics containing toxic chemicals after pushback from business interests, who said it would apply to trace amounts too small to be harmful.

Amazon to stop selling school supplies with high levels of toxic metals

Washington AG Bob Ferguson announced Thursday that his office has reached an agreement with the online retailer after dozens of products tested positive for illegal levels of lead and cadmium.

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