A battle over mandatory farmworker testing reveals a broken system

Michigan just instituted the most far-reaching protections for farmworkers, but some farmers went to court to scrap them.
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How corporations make pandemics deadlier

Lethal new diseases are springing up at alarming rates, and modern globalized capitalism is behind it.

Livestock welfare: 'It doesn't sound humane, and it's not'

As the COVID-19 pandemic draws new attention to industrial-scale livestock agriculture, animal welfare groups are criticizing the way healthy farm animals are killed.

Antibiotics: Big Ag's can of worms

Antibiotic use in agriculture is a ticking time bomb, posing looming health risks to people and the environment.

J.D. Scholten wants to transform Midwestern farm politics

The Iowan is in the midst of a second congressional run against Steve King on a platform of breaking up Big Ag to make farming work for all.

Meat plant closures mean pigs are gassed or shot instead

Coronavirus outbreaks at meatpacking plants have created a backlog of animals ready for slaughter but with nowhere to go. Farmers are having to cull them.

“We don’t know what else is out there.” Five ways new diseases emerge — and what we can do about them

From forests and farms to our own back yards, there's a lot we can do to reduce future risks of pandemic outbreaks.

A bloody January for Brazil’s indigenous Kaiowá spotlights persecution

Attacks on indigenous Kaiowá communities have highlighted a long-running campaign of persecution and growing violence against the group.

SD Gov. Kristi Noem's proposal to change county permitting process gets early support in Senate

Gov. Kristi Noem said her bill would create a fair permitting process that can sometimes be "hijacked by a vocal few."

Indiana county committee recommends clamping down on complaints against animal farms

A study committee voted to recommend adding language to the ordinance that would clamp down on rural residents objecting to CAFOs.

Yanzhong Huang: Why did one-quarter of the world's pigs die in a year?

Swine fever devastated China’s stock because with unsound governance, even sound regulations have perverse effects.

Mega-mining project slated for Brazilian Amazon sparks controversy

The possibility that the potash mine could go forward without indigenous consultation — as required by international law — is becoming a looming possibility.

Springfield council votes down rebuke of statewide CAFO rules

In the 4-5 vote, Mayor Ken McClure said the city should think about its bigger legislative priorities when making the decision.
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Building a library of American environmental classics (Part Two)

More recommendations for your home eco-library.

Disinfection dangers: How to avoid viruses without exposing yourself to toxics

COVID-19 has all of us cleaning more—but the products designed to kill viruses and bacteria can have dangerous health impacts. Here's how to scrub safely.

Algoma Steel workers allege company had ‘full knowledge’ of exposure to lethal, cancer-causing chemicals

Employees and the union allege minimal enforcement by Ontario's Ministry of Labour is to blame for lax oversight at a plant already linked to cross-border air pollution in the region.

Solar power on the rise at US schools

Report finds an 81% increase in K-12 schools using solar power over the last 5 years.

Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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