The lost lizard of La Désirade: An extinction we almost forgot about

New research has uncovered a forgotten species that went extinct under two centuries ago — probably due to colonialism.
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I know why the caged songbird goes extinct

A rampant trade in Asian birds, known for their beautiful songs, is emptying many forests of sound and life.

After oil spill, Israel’s fishermen net catch despite ban

After weathering a year of the coronavirus pandemic, the fishermen of an Arab village in central Israel have been dealt another blow by a mysterious oil spill in the Mediterranean.

As extreme weather events increase, what are the risks to wildlife?

Last year the United States racked up nearly $100 billion in damages from weather and climate disasters. These events are starting to take their toll on wildlife, too.

It’s time for the US to carry its fair share on climate change

Domestic emissions reductions aren’t enough—the US needs to help speed the climate transition in poor countries

5 things to know about plastic pollution and how to stop it

Researchers continue to find new information about how widespread plastic pollution has become, but also how we can help stem the tide.

Promise or peril? Importing hydropower to fuel the clean energy transition

U.S. states hope to tap Canada’s network of large dams to meet low-carbon goals, but do better options exist closer to home?

Is New England’s biggest renewable energy project really a win for the climate?

A plan to import hydropower from Canada to Massachusetts begs the question of whether big hydro along with its reservoirs and dams, is green enough to be worth the cost.

A critical fight for the rights of nature

Los Cedros Reserve, one of Earth’s most biodiverse habitats, could be wiped out by mining. A court could save it — and set a precedent for the planet.

As deep-seabed mining ramps up, scientists race to study the environmental effects

Timing is running short to develop an international framework to help prevent environmental harm to deep-sea life and to share resources equitably among nations, experts say.

Mangroves could help save us from climate change. Climate change is killing mangroves

Coastal mangrove forests help protect communities and habitats from storm surges, but sea-level rise could wipe them out.

Forest Fires Are Setting Chernobyl’s Radiation Free - The Atlantic

Trees now cover most of the exclusion zone, and climate change is making them more likely to burn.

How the pandemic defeated America

A virus has brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees.

A virus wiped out 90% of this turtle species. Can it recover?

The Bellinger River snapping turtle nearly went extinct before anyone knew it was in trouble. Conservationists are working to ensure it doesn’t disappear.
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Earth Day: Amidst the greenwashing, it's still a good thing

When corporations tout their greenness and journalists get beaten senseless by lame ideas.

‘Forever chemicals’ coat the outer layers of biodegradable straws

More evidence that harmful PFAS chemicals are sneaking into some "green" and "compostable" products.

Pesticide DDT linked to increased breast cancer risk generations after exposure

Groundbreaking study finds women whose grandmothers had high DDT exposure are more likely to be obese and have early menstruation—both breast cancer risk factors.

Want more clean energy? Focus on people, not technology

Energy decisions can be deeply personal. We need to listen to households and communities before we prescribe their energy transition.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The political, media, and community response to our Fractured investigation

From a media blitz to calls for statewide drilling bans, here's a look at the fallout and impacts so far from EHN's investigation of western Pennsylvania fracking impacts.

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