Climate change threatens Cyprus's sea turtles

Hatched baby sea turtles on the island of Cyprus struggling to crawl to the sea now face the added threat of climate change as they dig their way out of nests in the sand, scientists say.
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U.N. investor group targets Congress, U.S. regulators for climate action

A United Nations-backed coalition of investors managing nearly $100 trillion in assets is urging its members to press Congress and U.S. regulators to take more aggressive action to prevent climate change from harming investments.

Trapped between conflict and climate change

Herders like Boubacar Moukaila are caught between climate change, which has made grazing land too dry for his livestock, and conflict, which prevents him from travelling elsewhere to find fertile pastures.

Trillion-dollar investors warn Brazil over 'dismantling' of environmental policies

Investors managing trillions of dollars in assets have warned Brazil that escalating deforestation and the "dismantling" of policies to protect the environment and indigenous communities are "creating widespread uncertainty about the conditions for investing".

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon: Capitalism is failing us just when we need it most

In the words of Warren Buffett’s investing partner, Charlie Munger, “Never, ever, think about something else when you should be thinking about the power of incentives.”

Rockefeller Brothers Fund decided to sever fossil fuel investments six years ago - and outpaced indices

Five years ago, members of the Rockefeller family walked away from the fossil fuels that made them rich, alarmed that burning oil and gas was causing climate change. Now it also seems like a smart financial move.

Smog covers Milan as pollution levels rise

More than a dozen cities and towns across Italy introduced traffic curbs in a bid to cut harmful emissions following a spike in pollution.

A year of climate records and three great climate change investments

We just lived through the hottest decade since the beginning of human civilization. These three companies are trying to prepare humanity to adapt to the coming changes.

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon: We are behind the eight ball; time for Plan B

Science confirms that civilization is on a worse-case climate change path. The only thing that can save us now is the same thing that brought us to this point - the capitalist economy.

Many investors still shy about putting money into climate change, social equality

An Allianz Life survey shows investors care equally about environmental, social and governance issues but don't always apply them to their investments.

Climate change investing: You can't discount the future

The standard economic model says a dollar today is worth a dollar tomorrow, but does this equation apply to climate change? The future of human civilization depends on us getting the answer right.

IRS ruling on U.S. credit is an unexpected gift to solar developers

The Internal Revenue Service is extending incentives for solar power and other clean energy sources by as long as four years.

Insurer to invest in coastal wetlands to mitigate storm damages

XL Catlin has partnered with the Nature Conservancy to develop a new kind of carbon credit.

Greece kicks off $3.6 billion program for solar, wind projects

Greece is preparing to auction 2.6 gigawatts of solar and wind projects to attract investment and beef up the Mediterranean country’s clean-energy credentials.

The Puerto Rico family office that bought a wind farm

Owning—but not operating—a wind farm can be very desirable to passive investors, given the promised cash flows.
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Our plastic planet

While climate change remains environmental issue #1, the worries over plastic in our water, soil, food, and bodies continue to grow.

Disinfection dangers: How to avoid viruses without exposing yourself to toxics

COVID-19 has all of us cleaning more—but the products designed to kill viruses and bacteria can have dangerous health impacts. Here's how to scrub safely.

Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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