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Art Cullen: The US is headed for climate disaster - but Joe Biden's green plan might just work

The world's food supply is imperiled by a climate crisis already upon us, and Joe Biden this week put forward an agenda to address it that's as bold as you could hope from a man who actually intends to get elected.

Iowa passes third ag-gag bill targeting animal rights activists

The bill would create a new crime called “food operation trespass,” in yet another attempt to penalize activists for uncovering conditions at factory farms.

Meat plant closures mean pigs are gassed or shot instead

Coronavirus outbreaks at meatpacking plants have created a backlog of animals ready for slaughter but with nowhere to go. Farmers are having to cull them.

Solar and wind energy industry hit by coronavirus crisis

Trump promised oil and gas companies economic relief. But renewables are getting less focus in Washington.
Plastic Pollution

BVU study finds 'microplastics' pollute NW Iowa beaches

Researchers say tiny pieces of plastic are polluting the shores of some northwest Iowa beaches.

American climate: In Iowa, after the Missouri River flooded, a paradise lost

Kevin and Kim Johnson thought they'd found their safe haven in Hamburg, but nine feet of water in their living room and backyard changed all that.

Severe flooding and intense precipitation: Climate change in Iowa

From wildfires in California and Australia to category five hurricanes destroying small islands, Jerry Schnoor describes how climate change has manifested itself around the world.

Democratic candidates vow to cover islanders who lost Medicaid

Tens of thousands of victims of U.S. nuclear testing lost eligibility for health benefits in 1996 welfare reform.

Health care, climate are top issues in Iowa

Iowa Democrats came to the state's caucuses Monday with two major issues dominating their thoughts: health care and climate change.

What the Green New Deal could mean for Iowa

Ahead of the caucus, climate advocates are arguing that 2020's most hotly debated environmental proposal can be good for small farmers.

‘They did not realize we are human beings'

In Iowa, a community of Marshall Islanders has found a place to settle, decades after the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on their Pacific home. Now can Washington deliver on the promises it made?

North Dakota signals no new conditions on pipeline expansion

North Dakota regulators signaled Thursday that the state would not impose conditions beyond those required by the federal government on a proposal to double the capacity of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Prepare for a November surprise

Don't believe the polls; it'll be a race, by hook or by crook.

WATCH: Agents of Change discuss writing, research, and activism

"At the end of the day it's about holding a love for the people you work with, holding your sacred ground—this is my truth."

A Northeast US climate initiative has had a major side benefit—healthier children

Researchers estimate a climate effort in the Northeast U.S. helped the region reduce toxic air pollution and avoid hundreds of asthma and autism cases, preterm births, and low birth weights.

Diversity and community focus: The future of science communication

How EHN's Agents of Change series highlighted the inequities—and opportunities—in environmental health.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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