Great Lakes ice cover hit a record low in mid-January

Great Lakes ice coverage during the winter is declining over time because of climate change, but this year is on the extreme end of the scale.
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Will 2021 be the year offshore wind power finally takes off?

A presidential administration ready to tackle climate change may help — but it’s the years of planning that could really pay off.

One Michigan county tells the story of a nation plagued by water pollution

Farms housing thousands of animals are one of several sources contaminating the Pine River and dividing a mid-Michigan community.

Lake Erie’s toxic green slime is getting worse with climate change

Algal blooms are a hazard around the country. But Lake Erie is especially vulnerable to the scourge, and researchers are looking for explanations.

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights is dead. A voluntary effort will pay farmers to reduce runoff instead

The H2Ohio program is incentivizing conservation practices. Will it address growing water quality woes and appease continued calls for more direct action?

Study shows Lake Erie plastic pollution worse below surface

A new study has found there could be as much as 50 times more plastic sitting at the bottom of Lake Erie than can be seen on the surface.


Lake Erie has 50 times more plastic pollution at the lake floor than at the surface

A new study shows that hundreds of tons of plastic are building at the bottom of the Great Lakes and Lake Erie alone has about 380 tons of plastic.

Great Lakes moment: River otters return to western Lake Erie

The river otter, once common throughout much of North America, was first reduced by trapping and then displaced from many areas by loss of habitat from urbanization and pollution.

A phosphate fix

Bowling Green State University researchers produced some important work recently, proving the importance of such research and the need for a strict state ...

`Toxic 100’ air study reveals U.S. super polluters

Just 100 industrial facilities are to blame for more than a third of U.S. toxic air emissions. A new report ranks the biggest offenders.

Targeting farm runoff

Saving the lake is going to require a multipart strategy.

Commissioners thank DeWine, slam Trump over their recent water quality decisions

The all-Democratic Board of Lucas County Commissioners publicly thanked Republican Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday for embracing a strong, rules-driven western ...

Ohio EPA to develop system to track, enforce Lake Erie pollution

A new report from the Ohio EPA is assigning high priority to monitoring pollutants in the western basin of Lake Erie.
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LISTEN: A conversation about infertility with Shanna Swan

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A simple, 4-step guide to decoding all that packaging.

Use of disinfectants has soared, sparking new examination of ingredients

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Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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