Biden's infrastructure plan targets lead pipes that threaten public health across the US

President Biden has proposed spending $45 billion to replace every lead water pipe and service line in the nation. A public health expert explains why he sees this as a worthwhile investment.
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Too much lead in water at some North Carolina child care centers

The testing has found 8.5 percent of centers had at least one tap that exceeded the state’s lead hazard threshold of 15 parts per billion.

Newark finishing lead water pipe replacement years ahead of schedule

A project to fix thousands of lead-contaminated water pipes that threatened the well being of the folks in New Jersey's largest city is nearly complete, set to be finished years ahead of schedule.

Water Gremlin pays new $325,000 pollution penalty

The company's main hazardous waste is lead from die-casting and coating operations.

Asher Rosinger: Nearly 60 million Americans don't drink their tap water, research suggests – here's why that's a public health problem

New research finds that tap water avoidance is on the rise in the US, especially among minorities. An expert on water and health calls for better public education about water quality and testing.

Q&A with Radhika Fox, acting head of EPA’s water office

The former nonprofit water advocacy group executive and water utility official is leading the administration’s work to incorporate environmental justice into EPA’s water work.

Washington bill curbing lead in school drinking water heads for Inslee’s signature

Washington schools will soon have to test their taps for lead and will be required to fix or replace faucets with concentrations higher than 5 parts per billion.

Biden infrastructure plan puts water upgrades on tap as advocates press for stricter lead rule

The race to eliminate the scourge of lead contamination of drinking water and the overflows of sewage and sludge in Pittsburgh and cities across the country would get a serious boost under President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan.

In broad strokes, Biden infrastructure plan sketches a future for federal water spending

The Biden administration’s historic pitch to remove all lead drinking water pipes is part of a $111 billion proposal for water systems.

Five ways Pittsburgh hopes to make its water system more equitable

A task force looked at how affordable, safe drinking water, effective stormwater management, and maintaining public control of the utility could be achieved to benefit all residents in Pittsburgh.

Biden visit highlights Pittsburgh's water contamination woes

President Biden's scheduled appearance in Pittsburgh tomorrow to unveil a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure plan could have a direct bearing on the city's ongoing efforts to combat contaminated drinking water.

Is it the last blast for lead shot? Biggest shake-up in 500 years for game shooting as ban looms on 'toxic' ammunition

British game shooting faces the biggest shake-up in five centuries as the Government considers banning lead shot.

Flint pediatrician who blew the whistle on water crisis won’t recommend bone scans for kids

The Flint pediatrician who first found elevated levels of lead in the blood of Flint children during the city's water crisis is advising against the use of a portable bone scanning device for children.

Biden EPA to reconsider Trump rule on lead in drinking water

The Biden administration said Wednesday it was delaying the effective date of a policy intended to prevent lead pollution of drinking water, continuing a decades-old debate over how to remove a serious health hazard to children.

Pandemic raises concerns about childhood lead poisoning

Lead screenings for children plummeted last spring, and stay-at-home orders may have increased household exposure to the toxic metal.
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