For developing countries, more solar power — and maybe more lead?

In developing nations like India, solar power's reliance on lead batteries could have a big impact on some communities.
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Children continue to be at risk of lead exposure in Port Pirie

Karen Davis does everything she can to reduce her son's exposure to lead levels but they keep going up and now documents seen by the ABC show authorities knew a program to bring down blood levels in the town of Port Pirie was unlikely to have any major impact.

Minnesota moves to restrict toxic chemical after Water Gremlin scandal

White Bear-area residents near a polluting lead plant are credited with pushing the ban into law.

EPA cleans up lead-contaminated soil in Atlanta

The story of this toxic problem in one of Atlanta's lower income neighborhoods is shared with other city areas built in the first third of the last century.


Ohio Supreme Court declines appeal, Toledo's lead law stands

The Ohio Supreme Court has declined to consider an appeal to reverse Toledo’s controversial lead-safe rental ordinance, but that may not be the end of the ...

Mexico to tackle lead in glazed pottery, other consumer products

One in every 11 children under five has lead poisoning, health authority says.


Dr. Mona says about 100 baby teeth from Flint kids being tested for lead

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is encouraging parents of children who were in utero during summer 2014 to save their kids' baby teeth for possible future testing as well.


Report: Utilities are less likely to replace lead pipes in low-income communities of color

“If a program primarily benefits those with money, you’re going to have an environmental justice problem.”

'It was just left to the people': behind a chilling documentary on the Flint water crisis

British director Anthony Baxter had spent five years documenting the fallout in Flint, Michigan, after a manmade disaster threatened a small community.


Pa. proposes to relax non-residential lead cleanup standards

The board will hold three public hearings, at 6 p.m. March 12 in Harrisburg; March 18 in Pittsburgh; and March 25 in Warminster.


UK hunting groups call for end to use of lead ammunition by 2025

Call from nine pro-shooting groups comes amid calls for ban to be enshrined in law.


Westside Atlanta probed for possible lead contamination

The EPA is doubling the area it’s probing for lead contamination west of downtown Atlanta, in the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods.

Revamped lead rule ignores concerns raised in EPA memo

Regulations meant to prevent lead in drinking water, even when followed perfectly, weren't protecting public health.

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