Pandemic raises concerns about childhood lead poisoning

Lead screenings for children plummeted last spring, and stay-at-home orders may have increased household exposure to the toxic metal.
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Lead scare: Unsafe levels found in NZ children's blood tests

"There are many causes of elevated lead and we need to determine is water part of that or can it all be attributable to other causes?"


Phil Lord, Colleen McCauley: Flint water crisis indictments are a reminder of Pa.’s failure to protect children from lead poisoning

Despite Philadelphia law to step up lead remediation, children and taxpayers are still suffering the pain and paying the costs.

An algorithm is helping a community detect lead pipes

The model had shown promise in Flint before officials rebelled. Now Toledo is using it, while incorporating more public input.

Snyder, 8 others charged in Flint water probe: 'There are no velvet ropes'

New arraignments have started in the Flint water investigation as Attorney General Dana Nessel's office has started filing criminal charges.


How a flurry of suspicious calls set investigators on Rick Snyder’s trail

The former Michigan governor, his chief of staff, and health director were in close contact in October 2014, when Legionnaires’ disease in Flint was setting off alarm bells among officials.

The EPA has updated rules governing lead in drinking water

The federal government will require testing for lead contamination in schools and day care facilities and will compel utilities to inventory all lead service lines. But it will allow many of the nation's estimated 6 million or more lead pipes to remain in the ground.


Judge promises to listen to Flint residents on proposed settlement

U.S. District Judge Judith Levy said she hopes to issue an opinion by mid-January on whether to give preliminary approval to the proposed settlement.

Flint finishes water testing early, results far below federal lead threshold

The city of Flint says it has completed its lead and copper testing of water from higher risk homes a month in advance of its deadline, something it’s previously struggled to do in the aftermath of the Flint water crisis.

Bills to allow Flint water crisis settlement could get Senate approval next week

Bills that would clear the way for Michigan to borrow $600 million to settle lawsuits tied the the Flint water crisis have been introduced in the state Senate and could get approval as early as next week.

Corey Stern: We won a $600 million settlement for Flint. Now comes the hard part.

A legal victory is just the beginning for a city that's been decimated by globalization and bad policy-making.


Chicago water: City needs sensible plan to get the lead out

The city needs to get it right this time, with input from all the stakeholders.


St. Louis NAACP threatens lawsuit over lead contamination at Juvenile Detention Center

The St. Louis NAACP is considering a federal civil rights lawsuit to force St. Louis officials to remove lead contamination at the Juvenile Detention Center.


Early findings grim on the health of Flint kids after water crisis

The same doctor who proved something was wrong is taking the first comprehensive look at the thousands of kids exposed to lead in Flint.


Early results from 174 Flint children exposed to lead during water crisis shows 80% of them will require special education services

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha estimates 14,000 kids in Flint under the age of six may have been exposed to lead in their water.

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