State attorney general wants Oakland A’s lawsuit against steel company dismissed

The A's filed the suit in August against the California DTSC for an alleged "failure to impose and enforce environmental law."

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Private citizen prepares to sue Caneel Bay Resort over contamination

There's been a lot of hand-wringing since the news broke over dangerous contaminants. Now, one person has decided to do something about it.


Judge hears lawsuit over fish farms

Whether Cooke Aquaculture's plan to raise native steelhead at fish farms in Puget Sound is a simple business transition or a complex threat to the marine ecosystem is being debated.


Philippine community goes to court to stop coal plant in ecological haven

Residents and civil society groups have launched a legal challenge to stop construction of a coal power plant in the Philippine province of Palawan.


Ottawa trying to toss out climate lawsuit from youth activists

Ottawa has urged a judge to throw out a case brought by a group of young Canadians claiming their right to a safe, stable climate has been breached.


Three First Nations file suit against Ford government over lack of consultation on forestry

“The current approach to forestry in Ontario is resulting in the death of the boreal forest by a thousand cuts," said Brunswick House First Nation Chief Cheryl St. Denis.


So there’s going to be a fall election in B.C.: has the NDP kept its environmental promises?

The NDP rose to power in 2017 vowing to take action on climate change, old-growth management, the Trans Mountain pipeline, endangered species and more.


Groups contend county could face criminal charges for attempts to regulate large swine farms

Ag and business groups issued a letter warning board members they may face criminal charges. Environmental groups are calling it intimidation.


Former New Windsor, NY, officials under grand jury investigation over asbestos

The investigation is in connection with the demolition of former Army barracks in 2015 without the required removal of hazardous asbestos.


Grand Forks flooding victims file class-action lawsuit against B.C. government, forestry companies

Excessive logging in British Columbia interior has 'increased the frequency, duration and magnitude' of floods, according to civil claim.


Queensland beef processor takes court action against Defence Force over alleged PFAS contamination

Facing millions in remediation costs, one of Australia's largest beef processors takes court action after PFAS contaminated its water supply.


Hazardous conditions caused illness in Northport Middle School students

School district leaders were aware of hazardous substances in the air, soil and groundwater at Northport Middle School but downplayed the community's health concerns, leading many students to suffer severe illnesses, according to a lawsuit filed in Suffolk County Supreme Court last week.


Alberta coal miner launches legal challenge against federal environmental assessment

Coalspur says Minister Jonathan Wilkinson acted 'unlawfully' when he ordered a federal review of its planned Vista thermal coal mine expansion.


Black farmers file suit against Monsanto seeking to block sale of Roundup

The suit alleges Black farmers across the country have been forced to use Roundup-resistant seeds and Roundup in increasingly heavier applications.
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