Watch: How air pollution exposes America's racial disparities

This Pittsburgh-based environmental activist is exposing how air pollution is intrinsically linked to racial disparities in America.
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Damning report on Pa.’s failure to protect residents from fracking unlikely to result in major reform

State agencies implicated in the report dismissed it outright, calling the recommendations outdated and ill-informed.

Environmental Injustice

Environmental racism has plagued communities of color for decades.

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Trump is trying to eliminate EPA programs, 'putting the country and the planet in jeopardy,' expert says

Several of the proposed EPA budget cuts are directed at programs that protect low-income, minority and indigenous communities.

Drug resistance likely to kill 400,000 Canadians by 2050, report predicts

Superbugs are likely to kill nearly 400,000 Canadians and cost the economy about $400 billion in gross domestic product over the next 30 years, warns a landmark report.

People living near coal plants could be drinking 'toxic' contaminated water until 2028, thanks to new EPA ruling

The proposed changes to the coal combustion residual rule won't survive the courts, says Betsy Southerland, who wrote the rule in 2015. But it will delay protections for vulnerable communities.

When it comes to climate change, gender makes a difference

Gender shapes how climate change affects humans - and how we respond to it.


Oakland is getting a new "virtual power plant"

The solar panels will power low-income housing - and then fill up batteries to use when demand peaks.

Burning sugarcane in Florida is making people sick. Could ‘green harvesting’ change the game?

A class action lawsuit blames sugar companies for health risks in low-income communities of color as a result of burning sugarcane fields, and urges more environmental and economical harvesting methods.

Pittsburgh City Council supports health department’s clean air actions

Pittsburgh City Council on Monday pledged unanimous support for the Allegheny County Health Department's efforts to uphold clean air standards, particularly at U.S. Steel's Edgar Thomson and Clairton Coke Works plants.

Demanding change, Clairton residents and activists rally for cleaner air

Residents of Clairton, Pittsburgh's East End neighborhoods and environmental organizations gathered outside U.S. Steel Corp.'s Downtown headquarters Thursday afternoon to demand the company spend the money needed to fix its Mon Valley coke works where two fires in six months made pollution control equipment inoperable.

Homestead panel examines bridging the blue-green divide

One easily might have assumed the parties gathered in the historic Pump House at The Waterfront Saturday were there to take up opposite ends of a bitter debate that has raged for generations.

Tammy Duckworth, Cory Booker, Tom Carper: Why we formed the Senate's first Environmental Justice Caucus

Time and time again, the government was putting lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color at greater risk of being exposed to environmental and health hazards.

Beto O'Rourke says race is No.1 indicator for location of toxic facilities. Is it true?

If elected president, Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke said he’d launch a $5 trillion plan to combat climate change and invest in communities already dealing with its impact.

Toxic ZIP: Data reveals where KCMO kids are at higher risk of lead poisoning

Lead poisoning could mean lifelong consequences for children who are raised in certain Kansas City, Missouri, ZIP codes.
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Hormone-mimicking chemicals harm fish now—and their unexposed offspring later

Fish exposed to harmful contaminants can pass on health issues such as reproductive problems to future generations that had no direct exposure.

America re-discovers anti-science in its midst

Fauci, Birx, Redfield & Co. are in the middle of a political food fight. They could learn a lot from environmental scientists.

Roadmap points Europe toward safer, sustainable chemicals

EU Commission releases ambitious strategy for getting hormone-disrupting chemicals out of food, products, and packaging.

Exempt from inspection: States ignore lead-contaminated meat in food banks

Hunter-donated meat provides crucial protein to US food banks. But an EHN investigation found a lack of oversight that could result in potentially hundreds of thousands of lead-contaminated meals this year.

How Europe’s wood pellet appetite worsens environmental racism in the US South

An expanding wood pellet market in the Southeast has fallen short of climate and job goals—instead bringing air pollution, noise and reduced biodiversity in majority Black communities.

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