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Two states, D.C. plan to sue EPA for failing to enforce Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

Virginia, Maryland and the District say the Environmental Protection Agency has not taken action against two states that polluted the bay in violation of a 15-year cleanup agreement.

California sues EPA for suspending pollution enforcement during coronavirus pandemic

California, along with eight other states, sued the EPA for suspending enforcement of air and water pollution monitoring and reporting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rain washes more trash into the Inner Harbor

April Showers didn't just bring May flowers. It brought more trash to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Report finds poultry farming sends more pollution to Chesapeake Bay than previously thought

The Environmental Integrity Project’s analysis estimates that about 1 million more pounds of nitrogen pollution are entering the Chesapeake Bay each year from the poultry industry than state and federal cleanup programs estimate.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation sues Trump administration’s ‘nearsighted’ decision against protecting streams, wetlands

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is challenging a Trump administration environmental decision that the nonprofit group says would gut protections for wetlands and streams.

The foot soldiers of the new environmental movement

Coming of age in the time of climate change, teenagers like Maddie have become foot soldiers of a new environmental movement, with 17-year-old Greta Thunberg as their standard-bearer.


Coronavirus exposes social factors that hurt Prince Georgians’ health

In Maryland and across the nation, black people are becoming ill and dying at disproportionate rates because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maryland to test water, oysters in St. Mary’s River for toxic chemicals

Maryland officials say they plan to test a Chesapeake Bay tributary and oysters in St. Mary's County after a local resident found high levels of toxic chemicals in his tidal creek - a category of contaminants that have been traced to military and industrial sites nationwide.

Combating climate change: One US city’s bid to ban fossil fuels

In the fight against global warming, how far should governments go in forcing residents to change? One Maryland suburb is testing the limits.


As Italy shuts down from the novel coronavirus, air pollution declines steeply

What happened in China is already happening in another country with a major outbreak.

Maryland House gives final approval to plastic bag ban

The legislation, which heads to the Senate, was one of several measures passed during a busy day in the General Assembly.

Fuel leak in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor traced to faulty State Center generator; contamination lingers

A mysterious leak of red-dyed fuel into the Jones Falls has ended, and investigators traced it to a faulty generator at the State Center office complex, but the contamination is lingering in the Inner Harbor.

MD’s proposed concessions to Exelon bad for Susquehanna, Bay

Ever since the federal license allowing it to operate the Conowingo Dam expired in 2014, Exelon Corp. has fought updated permit requirements that would better protect affected waterways and aquatic life for the next 50 years.


Trump declares war on the Chesapeake Bay

Trump once again is trying to cut most of the funding to clean up the polluted Chesapeake Bay even as the Trump EPA undermines the cleanup with legal footnotes and inaction.

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