Italian team covers glacier with giant white sheets to slow melting

A vast tarpaulin unravels, gathering speed as it bounces down the glacier over glinting snow. Summer is here and the alpine ice is being protected from global warming.

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Arctic 'shorefast' sea ice used by residents for hunting and fishing will be reduced by global heating

Climate change could significantly reduce 'shorefast ice' – the sea ice that forms along shorelines – across Northern Canada and Western Greenland. It is a vital resource that connects isolated communities and provides access to hunting and fishing grounds.


Climate change and melted ice reveal lost Viking mountain pass

Since 2011, a mountain pass in central Norway has seen unusually warm summers linked to climate change. The melt has revealed an unexpected treasure trove of more than 1,000 remarkably preserved artifacts.


Greenland’s ice sheet is melting

Studies show that the oceans are warming, and Antarctica's ice is melting. Now there is a new area where the ice is melting, Greenland's ice sheets.


Climate crisis: North pole 'soon to be ice free in summer', scientists say

Amid rapid global warming – with average Arctic temperatures already 2C above what they were in the pre-industrial era – the extent of the sea ice is diminishing ever faster.


Greenland ice sheet melts at near record rate in 2019

Last year was one of the worst years on record for Greenland's ice sheet, which shrank by hundreds of billions of tonnes in a high-pressure environment brought on by unusually clear skies and warmer temperatures.


Anatomy of a heatwave

While the world rightfully focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, the planet is still warming. This summer's Antarctic weather, as elsewhere in the world, was unprecedented in the observed record.


New ‘law’ could inform glacier-flow models

Glaciologists in the US have developed a "slip law" to account for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually fast-moving parts of ice sheets.


Lovely while it lasts

This NASA image shows ripples in the surface of Denman Glacier in East Antarctica throwing shadows against the ice. It's a pretty picture, but the story behind it is not so rosy.


How the world’s deepest point on land could raise global sea levels

A massive glacier up to 80 miles long in East Antarctica is shrinking at an alarming rate, but the record-setting landscape beneath it could speed up its demise even more.


Arctic report card: Melting permafrost is transforming the region into a carbon source

A new federal report on the Arctic finds the region is in the midst of drastic and sudden changes as a result of human-caused warming.

What’s driving Antarctica's meltdown?

Antarctica's ice loss is on the rise. Along with warmer water eating away at ice shelves from below, atmospheric rivers are causing trouble from above.

Climate change: Alaska's Taku Glacier is starting to melt

For half a century, Taku had been the one known Alaskan glacier to withstand the effects of climate change - until now.

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