Biden wants to slash emissions. Success would mean a very different America

Hitting the targets could require a rapid shift to electric vehicles, the expansion of forests nationwide, development of complex new carbon-capture technology and many other changes, researchers said.
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New book explores private land, public good and fracking

A sociologist looks at how the impacts of the natural gas boom in challenged closely-held rural values of independence and private property rights.

Hungry, hungry microbes in tree bark gobble up methane

Bad news: Trees emit methane, a greenhouse gas. Good news: Some are home to bacteria that can't get enough of it.

Ahead of the climate summit, environmental groups urge Biden to champion methane reductions as a quick warming fix

The Environmental Defense Fund has a clear message for the Biden Administration on the eve of an international climate summit marking the U.S.'s further re-entry into the Paris climate agreement: "We need to cut methane now."


New Reports: Cleaning up coal sites and plugging gas wells could create thousands of jobs

Hazards from abandoned wells and coal mines plague Appalachia. Cleaning them up could be an economic boon for the region.

Groups take aim at New Mexico drilling plan amid US review

Several groups shared their frustrations over development on federal land that's considered sacred surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico.


Canada's methane emissions are likely undercounted, and that makes them harder to cut

The government estimates methane emissions in the oil and gas sector by mostly relying on mathematical modelling based on a small number of field measurements. But researchers say the government is underestimating those emissions, and better measurement techniques are possible.

Burning pig poop fumes doesn’t solve anything

The Biden administration supports biofuels. But a Smithfield project in North Carolina shows that converting hog waste to energy won’t address the biggest issues with pork farming.

Turning cow poop into energy sounds like a good idea - but not everyone is on board

In California's Central Valley, a gas utility is harvesting methane from manure on cow feedlots. Critics worry the push toward biogas will only further entrench two polluting industries.


Climate crisis tops agenda as parliamentarians meet ahead of Arctic Council ministerial

"Time is running out to implement the Paris Agreement's emission targets to reduce global warming. The Arctic countries must take the lead in the run-up to COP26," said a spokesperson for Arctic Parliamentary Cooperation.


New EPA chief Michael Regan relishes ‘clean slate’ after chaos of Trump era

The first black man to lead the EPA in half a century has a job on his hands at an agency reeling from setbacks – but he's confident he can meet the challenge.


Groups petition EPA to remove ethane and methane from list of compounds exempt from emissions limits

Hundreds of environmental groups on Tuesday submitted a petition calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to take action to curtail ethane and methane emissions responsible for smog.


Research shows unplugged oil wells are exacerbating climate change

Abandoned wells leak dangerous gases and chemicals, posing a physical risk to livestock and humans as well as the environment.


The Farm Bureau’s cunning plan to fight climate change—and regulation

The American Farm Bureau Federation has recast itself as a climate warrior, pushing for private offset markets relying on the fraught science of soil sequestration.

Drillers burned off gas at a staggering rate as winter storm hit Texas

Frigid temperatures last month froze pipelines and forced companies to flare vast amounts of planet-warming gases that they suddenly had nowhere to send.
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Lead detected in 80% of Allegheny County, Pa., water systems: Report

"There is no safe level of lead in drinking water and this report amplifies the need for health protective action levels."

Earth Day 2021: Looking back at an unprecedented year for the planet

As we honor Earth today, let's remember how much she's been through lately.

LISTEN: Abrania Marrero on dietary colonialism in Puerto Rico

"Shifts in the agricultural priorities of the island has ... political, cultural, and, ultimately, nutritional implications."

The pollution plumes of North Pole

An oil refining chemical has infiltrated the water of a small Alaskan town, but families—many worried about health issues—are left with more questions than answers.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Systemic racism continues to plague pandemic response: Derrick Z. Jackson

Remembering those have fallen to the collective selfishness of the prior White House and the nation's governors—a selfishness significantly stained by systemic racism.

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