After a storm, microplastics in Sydney's Cooks River increased 40 fold

To inner west Sydneysiders, the Cooks River is known to be particularly polluted. But after a storm, microplastic particles increased more than 40 fold.
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Watch how much microplastic flows from our rivers into the ocean

This video shows the flow of plastics through 10 key rivers, with the largest amount of plastic found in China’s Yangtze River.
Plastic Pollution

These legless turtles are no mutants

Injured by fishing nets and other sea debris, a pilot project is creating prosthetic flippers for the endangered creatures.

You’ve been drinking microplastics, but don’t worry—yet

A new WHO report says drinking microplastic particles isn't yet a threat to human health. But we need way more research.

The ocean is teeming with microplastic

The ocean is a mess of microplastic — and it's trickling into humans' food systems.

Are washing machines to blame for Auckland's microplastic scourge?

Auckland's coastal environment has been found to be teeming with plastic particles.

These corals choose to eat plastic over food

Tiny plastic particles may also be a vehicle for microbes that sicken or even kill corals, a new study finds.
Plastic Pollution

Ragú pasta sauce pulled from shelves for possible plastic contamination

Popular pasta sauce brand Ragú has announced a recall due to possible plastic contamination in a few of its flavors. Does this impact you? Find out now.

Vermont now has nation’s broadest single-use plastics ban

Gov. Phil Scott signed a bill into law on Monday that bans single-use plastic bags and foam containers.

Hawaii’s newest black sand beach already contains plastic pollution

“There's this romantic idea of the remote tropical beach, clean and pristine…. That kind of beach doesn't exist anymore.”

AusMAP's war on microplastic pollution enlists foot soldiers from all over Australia

From afar, it might look like Michelle Blewitt is teaching bystanders how to pan for gold, as she vigorously shakes a sieve full of sand on a beach, but on closer inspection, she is teaching locals how to hunt for microplastics.

Peter Dykstra:  The 800-lb (cheap, plastic) gorilla in our oceans

Save for one word, Walter Brooke (1914-1986) had an unremarkable career as a Hollywood bit player, usually as a mid-level military officer fighting Indians or Nazis.

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Plastic Pollution

Nurdles and mermaid Tears—the major source of plastic pollution you've never heard of

These microplastics cause huge problems for marine life and can be colonized by microbes dangerous to humans.
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