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U.S.-Mexico border: Climate change factor behind increased migration

The impact of hurricanes is one of many reasons migrants from Central America are making the dangerous journey to the U.S. southern border to seek refuge — and just one example of climate-exacerbated drivers of displacement and migration.

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How to manage migration intensified by climate change

President Joe Biden has announced his intention to invest in the Central American countries where the migrants originate, and has enlisted Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the effort to engage leaders in the region to build the partnerships that will be necessary to address the reasons that people migrate in the first place.

Migrants are heading north to the US because Guatemala and Honduras haven’t recovered from storm damage

Republicans are eager to decry a "Biden border crisis." But the current wave of migration at the southern border is the result of a humanitarian crisis in Central America that has been years in the making.

Warming trends: Climate refugees, ocean benefits and tropical species moving north

Over 12 million people around the world have been pushed out of their homes in the last six months, a new report says, 80 percent of whom were displaced due to natural and climate-related disasters.

More than 10 million people displaced by climate disasters in six months, report finds

About 10.3 million people were displaced by climate change-induced events such as flooding and droughts in the last six months, the majority of them in Asia, a humanitarian organisation says.


David Attenborough to U.N.: 'Climate change a threat to global security, I don't envy you'

British naturalist David Attenborough warned on Tuesday that climate change is the biggest security threat that modern humans have ever faced, telling the U.N. Security Council: "I don't envy you the responsibility that this places on all of you."

Climate change driving increased migration from Central America

This past autumn we witnessed the beginning of what may be one of the most straightforward examples of climate-induced migration in Central America. Around 10,000 people have already attempted to migrate northward after two devastating storms hit, and many more are planning to leave soon.

Study: Small mammals are climbing higher in Colorado's Rocky Mountains to flee warming temperatures

Small mammals in the Rocky Mountains are starting to move uphill to flee warming conditions, according to new research published last week.
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Storks in Spain transforming into junk food junkies

European white storks typically migrated to Africa when the seasons turned to winter up north — but warmer winters due to climate change, along with a steady new food source are convincing the birds to stay put in Europe over the winter.

Biden orders adviser to explore options for resettling climate migrants

In a move hailed as "extraordinary" by campaigners, Joe Biden has ordered his National Security Adviser to look into how to resettle migrants displaced by climate change.

The pandemic could devastate mass transit in the U.S. — and not for the reason you think

Covid-19 is speeding up shifts in where Americans live and work, posing a long-term challenge to transit systems built around getting people to downtown workplaces.

Climate change will cause a shift in Earth's tropical rain belt - threatening water and food supply for billions, study says

By 2100, billions of people are at risk of facing more flooding, higher temperatures and less food and water.

The fight for the future of the borderlands

Under a Biden administration, what will become of Trump’s partially constructed border wall — and the communities and ecosystems that live around it?

Can the ‘Great Green Wall’ carry out Sankara’s ecological, pan-African dream?

Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso's folk-hero president, once marshalled a nation to halt the spread of the Sahara. Decades after his brutal death, a pan-African project of epic scale and ambition is aiming to reverse the creeping desertification that threatens to engulf a vast region, accelerating climate change, migration and conflict.

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