Lifting Russia’s accident reactors from the Arctic seafloor will cost nearly €300 million

Experts are discussing the framework for safe lifting of dumped reactors from four submarines and uranium fuel from one icebreaker reactor in the Kara Sea, in addition to one sunken nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea.
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Our readiness for war has a big environmental impact

Military excess is a uniquely American thing, and though military waste isn't on most people's radar, it's not as easy to ignore as waste in a landfill.

Coalition sues over Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel pollution

Leak was first discovered at Kirtland Air Force Base in 1999, lawsuit says.

Toxic chemical found in drinking water of SC neighborhood

Elevated levels of a potentially hazardous class of chemicals are showing up in drinking water at a small mobile home park near Shaw Air Force Base.

Burn Pits 360 says legislation is a step in the right direction

The fight continues to help soldiers who were exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits while serving overseas.


Wilkie says VA struggles with shortage of cancer specialists

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie said the agency is struggling with the same shortage of cancer treatment experts that the U.S. medical community at large has faced.

As shipwrecks rust, oil spills are imminent

After decades at the bottom of the sea, thousands of corroded Second World War wrecks threaten to spill their oil into the South Pacific.

Going fishing? Watch out for chemical weapons

World War II weapons containing mustard gas have deteriorated yet the substance remains toxic for decades. Dumped munitions still turn up off of the US and Europe.

How the navy's 'grim reaper' scraps Canada's old military ships

Mike Stege is involved in dismantling the former HMCS Athabaskan, and it is bittersweet because he used to serve aboard the ship.

Congress poised to help veterans exposed to ‘burn pits’ over decades of war

One of the least understood ailments endured by the newest generation of veterans is related to exposure to toxic substances in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially from open-air trash fires.

Hunters Point issues stir fears over Concord base cleanup

Officials overseeing the cleanup of the Concord Naval Weapons Station tried to reassure City Council members this week that the arduous task of removing toxic materials left behind by the Navy is on the right track.

Military probe turns up no trace of suspected Agent Orange barrels at New Brunswick base

An investigation into a report that barrels of the toxic defoliant Agent Orange may have been surreptitiously buried at a New Brunswick military base has apparently come up empty.

McHenry County veterans suffering ailments after burn pit exposure

Breathing and sleeping problems are common after exposure to burn pits.


Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge opens to public

The 17-year conversion of the Cold War-era Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant into a federal wildlife refuge hits a milestone this weekend with the opening to the public of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

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Chesapeake Energy's fall

Chesapeake Energy was a fracking pioneer on a meteoric rise. Last week, it fell to Earth.

The danger of hormone-mimicking chemicals in medical devices and meds

In an effort to bolster our health, we may be exposed to compounds that harm us. New research says physicians need to recognize and explain this hidden risk to patients.

Our annual summer reading list, 2020 edition

EHN staff shares their top book recommendations for the summer.

Coronavirus is creating a crisis of energy insecurity

Fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unpaid bills and energy shutoffs in many vulnerable US households. Indiana University researchers warn we need to act now to avoid yet another health emergency.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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