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Bureau of Land Management headquarters to return to D.C., reversing Trump decision

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on Friday announced the move and said current headquarters in Grand Junction, Colo., would become a "Western headquarters" for the agency.

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When Wall Street came to coal country: how a big-money gamble scarred Appalachia

The long read: Around the turn of the millennium, hedge fund investors put an audacious bet on coal mining in the US. The bet failed – but it was the workers and the environment that paid the price.


Marseille biodiversity summit adopts motion to ban deep-sea mining

A motion calling for a ban on deep-sea mining has been adopted in Marseille at the world's biggest biodiversity summit since the pandemic, after an overwhelmingly supportive vote by governments and civil society groups.

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DR Congo accuses Angola of polluting major river

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have pointed an accusing finger at a mine in Angola for polluting two tributaries of the Congo River, the second longest in Africa.


In an increasingly noisy Arctic, will narwhals fall silent?

As industrial noise in the Arctic increases, narwhals, known for their rich array of sounds, appear likely to fall troublingly silent.

Research shows illegal mining in Brazil on the rise

A scientific report released by the organization MapBiomas showed that 65% of mining activities carried out in the Brazilian Amazon basin were illegal.

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Sally Jewell and Ted Roosevelt IV: A great northern forest in Minnesota can help our world remain livable

The last thing that this watershed needs is to be the location of a massive industrial copper mining development, but that is precisely what a mining industry behemoth is proposing.

Is deep-sea mining a cure for the climate crisis or a curse?

Sea-floor nodules could fight global heating, but mining them may damage ocean ecology.


Rio Tinto mine plan stirs Serbian protests

Four years from now, fields in the Jadar river valley in western Serbia where Djorjde Kapetanovic grows corn and soy to feed his cattle could be turned into a waste dump for Europe's biggest lithium mine.

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What mining, oil and gas industries can learn from Sudbury, the city that went from major polluter to thriving environment

Sudbury was once known as one of the world’s most polluted cities. But it transformed itself with the help of the mining industry.

Congress nears historic coal mine cleanup investment

Congress is on the verge of making a historic investment in mining communities through the cleanup of abandoned mines while also cutting the coal industry some slack.

Inari municipality is hoping for a stronger control over mining questions after 3,000 sq kilometres reserved by Swedish company

Mining is one of the most conflicting issues in Lapland - on one hand there is a growing need to invest in renewable energies and move away from fossil fuels. On the other hand there is the importance of preserving the unique nature of the North.

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As President Biden vows to tackle global warming, courts are shaping U.S. climate policy

At a time when the Biden administration is urging international leaders to take climate action quickly, the American judicial system is operating at its own speed and direction when it comes to drilling and mining on federal lands.
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Large underground mine plan in Allegheny County has been in the works for years. Now, it gets a public debut

An Australian company’s plan to build a large underground coal mine in Allegheny County is getting its first public debut on Wednesday. Coronado...

Calls for B.C. mining reform grow as Nuxalk Nation issues company eviction notice

As the province's glaciers disappear, more and more deposits are becoming available to exploration companies, which are allowed to register mineral claims and apply for permits without obtaining consent from Indigenous communities.

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Researchers, doctors call for regulators to reassess safety of taking acetaminophen during pregnancy

The painkiller, taken by half of pregnant women worldwide, could be contributing to rising rates of reproductive system problems and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

LISTEN: Azmal Hossan on the sociology of climate crises in South Asia

"If we look at the rate of carbon emissions, most is emitted by the developed and industrialized countries, but the problem is poor countries like Bangladesh are the main sufferers."

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

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