Black people are dying from coronavirus - air pollution is one of the main culprits

During the turmoil of the coronavirus pandemic, we're hearing often from our leaders that "we're all in this together." While true, some of us are in it more than others.

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Markey says EPA administrator should apologize to minorities for coronavirus response

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) condemned Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Wednesday, saying the Trump administration official owes communities of color an apology for his handling of air pollution regulations leading up to the coronavirus pandemic.

Study: More people of color live near Portland’s biggest air polluters

Research analyzing new air pollution data from the Cleaner Air Oregon program shows people of color are more likely to live near Portland's biggest polluters.

House Democrats press EPA on clean air in minority communities

House Democrats are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that minority and low-income communities have equal access to clean air protections amid the coronavirus pandemic.

First pollution, now coronavirus: Black parish in Louisiana deals with 'a double whammy' of death

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has exacerbated the dire state of health in St. James and nearby St. John the Baptist parishes, which are among the 20 U.S. counties with the highest per-capita death rates from the coronavirus.

Covid-19 and climate change threats compound in minority communities

Port Arthur, Texas, is a case in point: disproportionately hit by hurricanes, fossil-fuel pollution and now, the coronavirus.

Jamelle Bouie: Coronavirus is not an equal opportunity destroyer

Higher rates of infection and death among minorities demonstrate the racial character of inequality in America.

Trump is trying to eliminate EPA programs, 'putting the country and the planet in jeopardy,' expert says

Several of the proposed EPA budget cuts are directed at programs that protect low-income, minority and indigenous communities.

Earth science has a whiteness problem

Barely 10 percent of doctoral degrees in the geosciences go to recipients of color. The lack of diversity limits the quality of research, many scientists say.

The divide in Yakima is the divide in America

What the changing demographics of this country look like up close.

Republicans seek to weaken environmental appeals board

Republicans are trying to weaken a federal board that helps minority and low-income communities challenge how much pollution can be released in their neighborhoods by power plants and factories.

Pittsburgh City Council supports health department’s clean air actions

Pittsburgh City Council on Monday pledged unanimous support for the Allegheny County Health Department's efforts to uphold clean air standards, particularly at U.S. Steel's Edgar Thomson and Clairton Coke Works plants.

Minorities in the US breathe in more air pollution caused by white people

Black and Hispanic people are disproportionately exposed to air pollution produced by white people, a study analyzing personal consumption has found.

Liberals’ water pledges ring hollow for some B.C. First Nations still without drinking water

Federal Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan marked World Water Day by reiterating the pledge to end all boil-water orders by 2021, as nine First Nations in B.C. still can’t drink from their taps.

Portland, Oregon, taxes big businesses to fund clean energy, jobs

In November, residents passed a first-of-its kind tax on retailers to supplement the city's clean energy efforts.
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