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A film about teens finding love amid climate apocalypse

Makoto Shinkai’s bold and charming "Weathering With You" is set in a world ending so gradually, people barely notice it anymore.

Netflix’s Our Planet review: Loss is the most important nature story of our time

The David Attenborough-narrated series can’t really describe the scale of what’s missing.

Netflix series Our Planet is the latest bid to spur action on climate change

Executive producer Keith Scholey says he doesn’t believe the planet’s destruction is inevitable, particularly if young people get involved.

“2040” paints an optimistic picture of the future of the environment

The film focuses on technological and agricultural solutions that are already being implemented to help combat climate change.


Watch: The chemistry of a cover-up

In making our most recent film, The Devil We Know, we thought we understood the pervasive and insidious role that toxic chemicals play in our collective lives.

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The hot new Hollywood genre is the human extinction fantasy

When you're tired of saving the world, maybe the next inviting fantasy is one about surrendering it instead.

From our Newsroom

The political, media, and community response to our Fractured investigation

From a media blitz to calls for statewide drilling bans, here's a look at the fallout and impacts so far from EHN's investigation of western Pennsylvania fracking impacts.

Move to consolidate US paraquat litigation as cases mount against Syngenta

"The evidence linking paraquat to Parkinson's disease is probably the strongest of any pesticide commonly used."

Op-ed: Flood survivors find common ground in a divided nation

Americans have sorted ourselves into communities defined by geography, demography, ideology. But the shared trauma of flooding offers an opening.

These environmental reporters told you so

Florida's Piney Point is the latest predicted disaster. Maybe we should start listening to these folks?

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate

COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter protests threw underlying systemic inequity magnifying climate change impacts into sharp relief.

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